2nd Birthday of the Eurasian Women’s Community News Agency

2nd Birthday of the Eurasian Women’s Community News Agency

Two years of operation: one thousand articles published, 1.5 million online visitors 

Two years ago, on 7 September 2016, the Eurasian Women’s Community information and communication web-portal was officially launched. Today it serves as the official news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Forum. 

Eurasian Women’s Community news agency is a non-governmental independent media founded at the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies with the support of its administration, personnel, and students. This is the only social media of federal coverage founded on the basis of a higher education institution. Students take active part in the web-portal’s activity as volunteers. 

Over 2 years of its operation, the web-portal published over 1000 original articles. By 2018, over 1.5 million online users visited the web-site of the Eurasian Women’s Community. This a multi-language internet platform, which has its official English version. Location coverage of our readers is more than 100 countries. 38% of readers are from Russia, 25% - from Europe, 23% - from Asia, 14% - from the USA. 

The main goal of the EWC is to create the image of a modern woman in the public conscience and demonstrate the new role of women in the world’s transformation. It is important for the EWC team to address relevant problems, for example, to break old stereotypes concerning the image of a woman, to remedy the lack of positive information about women’s achievements in different fields published in media, and to prevent equating any women’s activity with radical feminism. 

The news agency has a unique editorial policy focused on the images of women-creators, women-leaders, women-entrepreneurs, and women as public figures. 

The web-site publications include live coverage articles, interviews, analyses, and photographs that can be offered at no cost to our media partners. The EWC articles share about talents, achievements, activities of women in addition to their personal traits and life attitudes, which are often neglected by media today. 

According to the Head of the news agency Marina Volynkina, the main task of the internet platform is to make the space of positive communication global. 

We invite all organisations working on positive transformations in different fields to become our information partners. Our motto is the following: “Share for the whole world to know!” 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov