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The International Language of Kindness The International Language of Kindness
24.11.2016 #

The language of philanthropy is international. People, who work with it, understand each other no matter where they were born – they are united with a wish to give the good. So, the international forum "Women's Dialogue. Infinity Charity" held on the 17-18th of November in the Russian city of Ufa gathered more than 400 participants, among which were not only the senators from the Federation Council, State Duma members and the leaders of Russian philanthropy organisations and NGOs but also the delegates from other CIS countries, from Germany, Canada, Estonia, the USA, the UK, China and other SCO and BRICS countries.

In the Heart of Charity In the Heart of Charity
23.11.2016 #

As stated by Valentina Matvienko, Chairperson of the Federation Council, before the opening of the International forum dedicated to the charity, in Russia charity has become a significant part in the society life, yet the government lags behind the needs of the society and the readiness of the citizens to help other people. The solution of this and other tasks was largely discussed at the meeting in Ufa, where gathered the representatives of the legislative power, the executive branch, non-profit organizations and funds. One of the objectives of the event was to involve colleagues from other countries for experience sharing and development of international collaboration. The forum was organi...

Charity unites countries Charity unites countries
22.11.2016 #

One of the most prominent members of the International Forum "Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity" was a member of the board of Women Entrepreneurs Association in Germany, Commissioner for Affairs with Russia, well-known public figure, Karin van Mourik: she won the hearts of all guests with her extraordinary sociability and friendliness, a sincere desire to help and to share helpful information, an optimistic attitude to life and perfect knowledge of the Russian language. Karin's sincere speech particularly impressed the participants at the plenary meeting, because the charity, which foreign energetic women are engaged in, is linked with the help for Russian children and the dev...

Miraculous charity stories Miraculous charity stories
22.11.2016 #

‘I’ve been involved in the Community Foundations Programme for many years. That’s why I find it the most interesting and important story. It allows you to meet great people and witness positive change that’s nowadays required in towns and villages. Meeting positive people, listening to their miraculous stories is very encouraging and inspiring’. Having said that, Larisa Avrorina, the manager of CAF Russia’s community foundations development programme, starts a round-table discussion on ‘Local Philanthropy of Federal Importance’.

Charity as a way of life Charity as a way of life
22.11.2016 #

At the round-table meeting, devoted to culture, sport and charity, which was held in Ufa in the framework of international forum «Women’s dialogue. Infinity charity», projects concerning gratuitous help to sick children were discussed.

Communication is the basis of charity Communication is the basis of charity
22.11.2016 #

Charity is strongly connected with money. At the workshop called Technology Of Success, held at the venue of international women’s forum ‘Women's Dialogue. Infinity Charity’, Lana Gorbunova and Anastasya Lozhkina, co-workers of the charity Life Line Fund, were talking on how to find resources for their project of goodness.

May God grant us the good deeds May God grant us the good deeds
21.11.2016 #

"Due to the forum we managed to expand the circle of people willing to lend a helping hand to those in need", - said the deputy chairperson of the Federation Council Galina Karelova.

The Best Gift for Children Is a Smile! The Best Gift for Children Is a Smile!
20.11.2016 #

In the framework of the international forum “Women's Dialogue. Infinity Charity” held in the Republic of Bashkortostan there was a charity event Operation Smile aimed at helping children with cleft lip and palate. After 5 days of work of 55 Russian doctors and medical professionals from abroad 49 children were cured.

Sarah Harder: “It is very important for a woman to be flexible in terms of our constantly changing reality”. Sarah Harder: “It is very important for a woman to be flexible in terms of our constantly changing reality”.
20.11.2016 #

Sarah Harder is a president of National Peace Fund, an honorary professor of University of Wisconsin, an active figure in philanthropy, a founder of STEM project, which is aimed at raising girls’ interest in mathematics. At the International forum “Women's Dialogue. Infinity Charity” Sarah spoke with journalists of Eurasian Women’s Community and told them about her vision of the women’s historical role and evolution of women’s movement.

20.11.2016 #

On November 17, deputy chairperson of the Federation Council of Russian Federation Galina Karelova, senator Lilia Gumerova and chairperson of the charity fund Marhamat Gulshat Khamitova visited Centre of Child Development for Children with Disabilities within the framework of Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity. Team of the charity organization arranged an excursion to the whole world of kindness, happiness and creativity. Teachers not only help children develop there, but also educe hidden talents of their pupils.


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International Forum «Women for Uniting Creative Forces for the Sake of Peace»
(8th of December 2016 Moscow)

Roundtable conference on the topic of International Cooperation of State Authorities and Public Organizations in the Sphere of Healthcare of Women and Children
(25th of November 2016 Moscow)

International forum «Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity.»
(17th and 18th of November 2016 Ufa)