A Look From Womens’ Perspective

A Look From Womens’ Perspective

Valentina Matvienko, Chairperson of The Federation Council (FC), participated in the conference «Security Policy of OSCE – a look from womens’ perspective» in Vein. Valentina Ivanovna was one of the main speakers and said about challenges and prospects of new Europe-wide security architecture, importance of open discussion and joining efforts. She also mentioned that Russia achieves strengthening the role of OSCE and its Parliamentary assembly as a significant communicational platform. The speaker noticed that despite sanctions which were imposed by a number of European states, Russia as the host of the 137th Assembly of the Inter-parliamentary Union at this year’s October guarantees no restrictions for participation of parliamentarians (including those who are in the country’s «stop-list»).


Valentina Matvienko emphasized relevance of the international conference about resistance to terrorism which was held by the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of SNG and PA OSCE. Russia consistently stands out to joining efforts for a fight against the common enemy and developing a cooperation of special cervices of all countries which should begin with adoption of appropriate laws. This will help states share the experience and information for warning and prevention of acts of terrorism. According to the speaker, there is no country that can independently cope with terrorism all alone and feel safe.


Christine Muttonen, Chairperson of The Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE, highly appreciated the work of Russian parliamentarians and supported the idea of developing the dialogue between parliamentary organizations. The interlocutors discussed the possibility of cooperative monitoring of the elections which will unite the observers of different countries and coordinate their work.

While punctuating problems of Europe-wide security, Head of the Upper House of Parliament made a conclusion that the main reason of its critical condition is connected to policy which is held by western partners after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The idea that this fact might have removed Russia from the world arena led to gradual degradation of Europe’s security system. However, Valentina Matvienko mentioned that Moscow offered and keeps holding to the policy of creating a single indivisible security space in Euro-Atlantic to eliminate the heritage of the «Cold War». 


Chairperson of The Federation Council also marked a current issue of informational wars: “There is no objective information about our country in the West. There are two completely different Russias: the real one with its achievements, issues, reforms and a busy inter-political life, and the other one which is created by Western mass media». In particular, the speaker of the FC spoke about the European parliamentarians who regularly arrive to Crimea and invited the Deputy Chairperson of the European Parliament, Ulrike Lunacek to come to the peninsula personally, together with the other deputies and see peaceful and calm life of the Crimeans themselves. She also reminded that the Crimean-Tatar population gained the opportunity to open schools, where children are educated on their native language, for the first time.

Nevertheless, despite all problems in the sphere of European security, Russia doesn’t consider that the dialogue between countries came to a full. According to Chairperson of the FC, the main task in politics is creating a unified coordinate system which will serve to an effective international communication. She also noticed that formation of general economic and humanitarian space remains its relevance and Russia isn’t going to announce a counter «cold war». On the contrary, it is aimed at expansion of contacts. 


According to Valentina Matvienko, women from all countries can achieve a lot by combining their efforts. Minister of defence of Austria Hans Peter Doskozil especially emphasized the importance of women participation in making decisions at all levels of power, because only then we will be able to talk about equality, solve many global tasks and avoid conflicts. In turn, Chairperson of PA OSCE Christine Muttonen marked that it is impossible to create a modern security system in Europe without equal involvement of all social groups.

Chairperson of the FC Committee about International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev, Chairperson of the FC Committee about Science, Education and Culture Zinaida Dragunkina, Vice-Chairperson of the FC Committee about Agrarian-Food Policy and Nature Management Irina Geht and also Vice-Chairperson of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya participated in the meeting as well.

Maria Solomina, news agency of Eurasian Women's Community

Translated by Irina Nikishina