About greening the economy and the fourth industrial revolution

About greening the economy and the fourth industrial revolution

Patrice Braun Took Part in the Second EWF 

One of the discussion platforms at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum was titled ‘Women and Technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Asia-Pacific Region Economies’. Dr. Patrice Braun took active part in the open debate and spoke about the influence of climate change and new technologies development on the fulfilment of women’s potential in economy. 

Patrice Braun is a Professor working on matters related to entrepreneurship and regional development. She is the Director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Women & Technology (APCWT), Australia.

Dr. Braun focuses on women’s economic empowerment. She also has been a member of the jury at the APEC BEST Award contest. Patrice Braun is especially interested in the topic of women’s empowerment and the fulfilment of women’s economic potential.

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She was a speaker at the Forum’s open debate ‘Women and Technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Asia-Pacific Region Economies’. Dr. Braun spoke about society’s sustainable development in terms of greening the economy and shared the role of women in this process. The speaker paid attention to natural hazards and disasters. According to Dr. Braun, climate change is not a gender-neutral problem. Climate change harms women more than men. 

The second part of her speech was dedicated to the role of technologies in women’s entrepreneurial development. Patrice Braun believes that it is necessary for women entrepreneurs to feel confident in the digital space, move with the times, and advance their knowledge of new technologies alongside other digital economy skills such as financial literacy. Such skills will allow women to develop and grow their businesses. 

According to Dr. Braun, the Eurasian Women’s Forum gives women a unique opportunity to make new contacts and create joint projects. In her opinion, it is especially important that the initiatives started at the EWF will keep on being developed outside the Forum as well. This can unite women from different countries. “If we find ways to collaborate and cooperate, we will be able to do a lot more spending less resources”, says Patrice Braun. 

The speaker wishes women worldwide to be confident and remember that their empowerment depends not only on the programmes implemented by governments, but on themselves as well. Dr. Braun think it is important to involve men in the empowerment of women so they will be open to helping women reach their full potential. The thing is that women don’t want to take away men’s jobs. They want to help make this world better. 

Nikolay Gavrilov, Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov