About the Community

About the Community


On September 7, 2016 the Federation Council of the Russian Federation held a meeting chaired by Galina Karelova. During this meeting, the establishment of the informational and communicational web-portal Eurasian Women's Community was accepted.

The main goal of the EWC web-portal is to create a positive image of modern women in the public consciousness and to demonstrate their new role in the transformation of the world. Our news agency strives to overcome old stereotypes about the image of women, to compensate the absence of positive information about the achievements of women in the media, and to prevent considering any women’s activity as radical feminism. 

The web-portal’s structure consists of the following sections:

✓ news feed;

✓ list of the participating women’s organizations;

✓ news calendar;

✓ business and education for women;

✓ section for studying business English;

✓ agency’s photo bank;

✓ English version of the web-portal.

Why is our news agency the unique one?

The web-portal Eurasian Women’s Community is the media unit creating positive content about women’s activities.

Our news agency has a unique editorial policy and focuses on women creators, women public figures, women leaders and women entrepreneurs.

Articles published on the EWC web-portal inform the readers about talents, achievements and activities of women, about their personal qualities and worldview. We cover all those issues often ignored by other media.

Journalists of the news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community retain a strong sense of journalistic ethics. They check all the facts and obtain approval from their interviewees.

The Eurasian Women’s Community is the only social media of federal coverage created on the basis of a higher educational institution. Students take part in the project as volunteers, they prepare for their profession through a new educational technology.

This is a non-governmental independent media especially trusted by the international public. 

Since the establishment of the Eurasian Women’s Community its news agency team has achieved great results.  On its example, it presented a new type of media and a new image of journalists who can be trusted. The information published on the web-portal is not just positive and honest, but also high quality and relevant. It contains those facts and stories that other journalists usually do not consider to be that important.

Today, the EWC news agency sets itself the following major tasks:

✓ raising public awareness of the activities of Russian women;

✓ changing the attitude of Russian society to the role of women in the world;

✓ increasing the number of our international users through publishing articles in English;

✓ strengthening the loyalty of all sections of society, including young people, to public policies for women;

✓ increasing the growth of the Internet community involved in the topic of the women's movement in social networks.

Nowadays women are not only mothers and housewives. They are educated, active, and intelligent persons able to solve problems of the state. Modern women have changed, they have become different, without losing their original destiny. Therefore, it is necessary to fully realize their creative and intellectual potential. The Eurasian Women’s Community creates all conditions for this. 

Head of the web-portal "Eurasian Women's Community", doctor of Juridical Sciences, professor Marina Volynkina


"Eurasian women's community"web portal works as an information agency voicing Eurasian Women’s Forum.

Our news feed comprises the most topical messages of our participant’s blogs selected by the press centre.

The most important news will be translated into English to inform the world community of the activities of Russian women’s organisations.