About the Community

About the Community


The Eurasian Women’s Community information and communication web-portal was officially launched on September 7, 2016. Today it is the official news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Forum. 

The Eurasian Women’s Community is a non-governmental independent media founded by the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies on the initiative of its rector supported by the Institute’s staff and students. This is the only social media of international coverage functioning on the basis of a higher education institution. 

The Eurasian Women’s Community web-portal is a communication space, which is intended to bring together women of the world, motivate them, and inspire their creative efforts. 

Over its two years of operation, the web-portal has published upwards of 2000 original articles in Russian and English. In 2018, the website traffic of the Eurasian Women’s Community was more than 1.5 million people from 150 countries. 38% of the users are from Russia, 25% – from Europe, 23% – from Asia, 14% – from the USA. 

The news agency has a unique editorial policy focused on the images of women creators, women leaders, and women entrepreneurs. The website publications include live coverage articles, interviews, analyses, and photographs that can be offered at no cost to its media partners. The articles share about talents, achievements, and activities of women in addition to their personal traits and life attitudes, which are often neglected by media today. 

According to Marina Volynkina, Head of the Eurasian Women’s Community news agency, the main task of this online media is to make the space of positive communication global. 

The project’s team initiated an open debate titled ‘The Role of the Media in Shaping the Modern Image of Women’s Leadership: Information for Peace and Sustainable Development’ at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. The open debate highlighted the relevance of the problem of socially responsible media worldwide. It resulted in the idea to create the Memorandum ‘RESPONSIBLE MEDIA FOR THE GLOBAL PEACE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’. Not only media, news agencies, and independent bloggers but also newsmakers and public figures sharing our values were invited to sign the document. Our values are: 

  • social optimism;
  • readiness to build a better future for present and future generations;
  • deep kindness and peacefulness;
  • aspiration to sincere and motivating communication and transfer of experience;
  • understanding of the importance of cultural development and preservation of traditions. 

Deep kindness gives birth to the desire of all people to bequeath a wonderful and prosperous planet to their children. A new communication space filled with creative power must unite people of all countries and religions for the sake of peace on Earth. 

We invite all organisations working on positive transformations in different fields of activity to become our information partners. 

Our motto is the following: “Share for the whole world to know!”