Tina Kandelaki became a journalist just to show her teacher how well she knew the Georgian language. Today she is the general producer of Match TV channel and the winner of two TEFIs and Runet Prize 2011. She is famous for her fast speech rate. At the same time, her speech is well-bred and logical. She loves her enemies, always calmly receives criticism, and never idles. She is considered the most motivated person. She has been pursuing her cherished goal since she was 16 years old. 

She took part in the Synergy Women Forum and told the participants about her way to success. She shared advice on how to become a producer of one’s own life. 


Frustration is not a problem! 

All people have goals. These goals exist to be achieved. That is why some people work hard to achieve what they want at any cost. They do not sleep enough, do not see their close people often, and do not pay much attention to life whizzing by them. Tina did the same until she understood that that was the wrong way. Any big task can be an impetus for you, because in the course of addressing in you change and learn much. 

The journalist shared about what she has been striving for since she was 16 years old. She has always taken a skeptical approach to her figure. She says: “I’ve never had inborn characteristics thanks to which I could eat anything I want and keep fit at the same time. I have been combating overweight during all my life. Unfortunately, I haven’t achieved my perfect figure yet. Nevertheless, now I have a habit of training regularly. That contributed to my character. I have learned to have a systematic approach to any business”. 

Tina Kandelaki always reads before going to bed and watches TV series in a foreign language. In the morning, the journalist goes to the gym. Maybe, she doesn’t have a perfect figure yet, but by her example she inspires 5.5 million social network followers to have an active lifestyle. For example, in 2017, over 500 thousand people took part in a national Match Training programme held in 8 cities of Russia. 

Tina Kandelaki mentioned the so-called ‘30 days rule’, according to which you can form and fix a habit of something if doing it regularly within one month. This contributes to your systematic approaches, which is a key to success. According to Tina Kandelaki, one should exhaust oneself to achieve success. 

“This is particularly true for women. The society expects much of us. We have a heavier load of responsibilities than men do. People want us to be good-looking and beautiful. They want us to give birth to children, be friends, housewives, and successful persons. It is not that easy to combine all that”, she said. 


How to find time? 

Dwight David Eisenhower said: “I have two kinds of problems: the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.” 

This principle is what Tina Kandelaki relies on in her everyday life. She classifies all her activities into three types: prioritized, important, and non-urgent. In the course of being completed, they can shift from one group to another. 

Modern people spend a significant part of their time for news feed. In social networks, they immerse in the abyss of news and hardly find way out. Tina recommends abstracting from gadgets 25 minutes three times a day not to get lost in the Internet-space. She does the same spending this time communicating with close people, reading a book, and watching a film. 

“Everything will be okay, don’t worry. If someone needs you urgently, he or she will find you. Just concentrate on one thing at a time and don’t get distracted by your devices”, she says. 


Modern media utopia 

Bad news become popular news. This is becoming a rule for many media. The Eurasian Women’s Community leader asked Tina Kandelaki how to make media broadcast more information that is positive. According to the journalist, it is almost impossible to do that. 

“You can’t live in the ideal world. This has been described by fiction writers long ago”, said Tina Kandelaki. However, she believes that it is important for every media unit to understand what it wants to broadcast. Not only media voicing tragedies and incidents, but also those publishing positive and inspiring information are needed. In addition, every media unit should be committed to its work and responsible for information it broadcasts. 


Defeat as a synonym of success 

In fact, Tina Kandelaki had a satisfactory mark in the Georgian language. This was her obstacle to graduating from her school with a gold medal and entering the university of her dream. Watching young TV presenters, she was thinking of being on TV too. After she had a job there, Tina Kandelaki devoted her first interviews to her teacher of Georgian. Finally, her teacher phoned her and admitted that Tina deserved an excellent mark. 

Having faced many defeats, the journalist found life unjust until she was 35. She remembers a moment when she was to receive an award on Georgian TV, but that was given to another person. At the end of that ceremony, all TV presenters were to present a musical number. Tina Kandelaki couldn’t help crying. 

However, today, she is pleased to say: “Thanks to all those failures I became who I am”. She believes defeats are a thing that can completely change your life if you learn how to lose. 


How to deal with criticism 

“Criticism is the key to constructive changing”, says the inscription on a slide of Tina’s presentation. The speaker said she would have given up long ago if people didn’t criticize her. For example, social network users often point out her mistakes. Once she made a mistake in the word stress when instagramming a video. There were many comments about how to place the accent in a word correctly. Tina Kandelaki thanked all those people. According to her, such things motivate her very much. They indicate the non-indifference of people. 


Relevance is the key thing 

Today competences of people are unstable. After mastering some new skill and considering ourselves professionals, we often find out that there are people or even computers who know and can do more. 

Imagine the process of making pizza. A group of people undertook cooking training and learned how to handle their clients. They do their job with live and once robots replace them. 

“Machined do everything quickly and accurately, pizza made by them is perfect. People aren’t needed anymore. Robotization of production is inevitable. It is important to constantly learn something new and stay relevant in order not to be replaced by machines”, said Tina Kandelaki. 


Drinking coffee in new places 

According to the speaker, daily routine forms very quickly and people get absorbed in it. She recommends changing things. For example, you can rehang pictures in different places or completely change the arrangement of the furniture in your office. 

“Or get rid of all furniture and try working upright. It helps. I know many people using standing desks at work to prevent scoliosis”, she said. 

Every morning Tina Kandelaki drinks coffee in a new place. She recommends discovering new things in everyday life and learn to be happy about them, because unchangeable routine makes your life dull. 

Tina Kandelaki wished women from around the world to be full of energy. “Every day women have more tasks. The level of their responsibility grows. I wish all women to be full of energy and love”, she said. 

Marina Kachkalova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov