On November 13-14, Moscow hosted the All-Russian Network Forum with International Participation ‘National Strategy for Action on Children: Towards the Decade of Childhood’. One of its discussion platforms was dedicated to the support mechanisms of talented children and the way to develop their skills. Inessa Shuykova, director of the Centre for Support of Talented Children ‘Strategy’, participant from the Lipetsk region, shared her experience and stressed the importance of the role of mother in developing the child's capacities. 

The idea to create such an educational institution appeared 8 years ago. Inessa Shuykova was a teacher in an institution of higher education and at the same time prepared schoolchildren for scientific-practical conferences. The schoolchildren were inspired by her enthusiasm. They wanted to know more than information presented in their textbooks. Then Inessa decided to provide them with the educational space that would let them develop their skills, acquire new ones and improve their knowledge. Her project was approved by the Department of Education of Lipetsk and the Directorate of Education of the Lipetsk region. 


According to Inessa, before the creation of the Centre for Support of Talented Children ‘Strategy’, her team studied many educational practices in Russia. Today ‘Strategy’ embodies the best experience of Russian education, combining advanced teaching methods, innovative technologies and teachers providing interesting and accessible information. The centre has become the environment for development of talents of more than 6000 schoolchildren. 


“The Centre is the environment enriching their knowledge. It unites children from different schools and districts of the region. All children are very enthusiastic and intellectually gifted. In our Centre, they can not only study but also communicate with one another, exchange their knowledge and learn team work”, said Inessa Shuykova. 


‘Strategy’ regularly provides its students with educational profile shifts for them to immerse in a certain subject area. There are shifts of 6 kinds which include physical-mathematical, linguistic, philological-art, biology-chemical, humanitarian-social, and information-economic directions. They are presented in the format of field trips. In addition, any child irrespective of the place where he lives can join such an event. 

The Centre for Support of Talented Children is a venue hosting federal contests. Teachers of institutions of higher education prepare the schoolchildren for those contests on 19 directions. The Centre also has a special school providing distance education. 

“We also have our own contests of IT, math and the Russian language for schoolchildren of 3-11 forms”, she added. 


Last year the Centre established a special department working on intellectual development of children during their first four years of school. It has 6 directions, the so-called ‘quantums’, including IT-quantum, geoquantum, roboquantum, aeroquantum, nanoquantum, and bioquantum. Such a modern format contributes to the popularization of fundamental sciences and research. Under the guidance of their teachers, schoolchildren of the Centre conduct serious and interesting project activities at such a young age. 

‘Strategy’ carries out pedagogical supervision of gifted schoolchildren during their profile shifts. It sends this information to schools and departments of education of municipalities. This provides every child with his individual educational route planed for the nearest future. 


In her interview, Inessa Shuykova told the EWC journalists about the main objective of the Centre. It is not only to develop children intellectually, but also to help them in socialization, finding their way in life and feeling their importance. Thus, ‘Strategy’ makes parents happy as well. 

Inessa thinks that the role of mother for women is of primary importance. 

“The idea is that mother is the closest friend and teacher in the first years of her child’s life. She builds the foundation that will develop in life. She gives a sense of security and unlimited love. I believe that those children, whose mothers are attentive to their creative inclinations, sensitive to their interests from the earliest years, are very lucky. Mothers help their children to become happy”, said Inessa Shuykova. 

Viktoria Kirilova, Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov