Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

About us

Global Women Media is an independent news agency founded by the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies.

This is an officially registered media and a news agency providing other media with articles. Since 2017, the news agency was known as the Eurasian Women’s Community. 


During 3 years of its work, the website won considerable international authority for bridging together women leaders from different countries. The new name of the website adopted in March 2020 is designed to reflect a new concept of a global media for women who improve the world actively. 

Main tasks of the website: 

  • coverage of the role of women in modern society;
  • publication of articles about women whose activities and life positions make the world better;
  • holding annual international meetings in the format of the Summer Peace Summit;
  • formation of a photo bank of outstanding women;
  • promotion of international social projects carried out by women leaders from different countries.

The website has a unique editorial policy focused on the images of women creators, women leaders, and women entrepreneurs. The articles share about talents, achievements, and activities of women in addition to their personal traits and life attitudes, which are often neglected by media today. 

Rubrics of the website: 

  • Topics of the day;
  • Women community news;
  • Exclusive;
  • Collaboration;
  • Women and science;
  • Women and business;
  • Women and charity;
  • Ecology;
  • Women and culture;
  • Active long-living;
  • Women and family.


The idea to create this web-portal appeared at the First Eurasian Women’s Forum. It became obvious that Russia and other countries have a number of amazing social projects that are unfortunately not often interesting to traditional media. Over 3 years of its work, the website published upwards of 2000 original publications in Russian and English. In 2019, the website traffic was more than a million people from 183 countries. 38% of the users are from Russia, 11% – from Europe, 17% – from Asia, 19% – from the USA. It is important for us to demonstrate the positive image of a woman to the whole world. 

The news agency receives words of support and appreciation of its editorial policy from all over the word. Marina Volynkina, Head of Global Women Media, received letters of gratitude signed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Chairperson of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, and women leaders from many countries.


Our Leader 

Marina Volynkina, PhD in Law, is the Rector of the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies (the IGUMO), founder of the International College for Arts and Communication (MKIK), head of the Global Talents all-Russian web-portal of supplementary education, and Member of the Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum. 

“The world needs the new culture of thinking and acting, which cannot be achieved without information ecology. Mass media largely shape the minds, relations, and actions of modern people. Media should not just objectively reflect the reality, but also demonstrate ideas and initiatives aimed at sustainable development. That is why socially responsible, positive, and motivating media are so important today”.


Global Women Media Initiative 

At the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum, the news agency’s team initiated an open debate titled ‘The Role of the Media in Shaping the Modern Image of Women’s Leadership: Information for Peace and Sustainable Development’. The discussion identified the relevance of socially responsible media worldwide, which resulted in the initiative to create the Memorandum ‘Responsible Media for the Global Peace and Sustainable Development’. Women leaders from dozens of different countries have already signed it. 

Our motto is ‘Building connections one heart at a time’. 

We invite all organisations working on positive transformations in different fields of activity to become our information partners and sign the Memorandum. 

Summer Peace Summit

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