Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Summer Peace Summit 2020


About community

Peace 50 community brings together women from different countries having common values including humanism and aspiration to sustainable and harmonious development. P50 participants take the responsibility for preserving peace among nations and cultures. 

The community’s participants include 50 women leaders from different countries. Each of them carries out unique projects in her own field of activity. Such a number of participants makes it possible to create conditions for real dialogue and mutual enrichment in terms of ideas. 

“When women leaders unite, their interaction gives a significant result. And fifty wise, kind, and talented women are not just a team, but a powerful structured system able to address global problems", believes Marina Volynkina. 

Absence of member fees and being not attached to state structures are the two key principles of the Peace 50 community. 

The intertwined rings meaning synergy and powerful unity became the symbol of P50.


Summer Peace Summit

Participants of P50 always interact with one another helping to address social tasks, exchange ideas, experience, and competencies. The communication takes place within an open dialogue in online format or regular meetings including roundtables, forums, and discussions. 

Holding annual Summits makes it possible to exchange plans and ideas and find paths of further development of women’s community jointly.

Summer Peace Summit: Vision for Future
(28-29 June 2019, Brussels, Belgium)

The first meeting of P50 community took place in Brussels (Belgium). It enhanced horizontal communication among the participants, helped them exchange experience, inspire one another to carry out positive activities, and confirm the readiness of women to take part in peacemaking initiatives. 

Women not belonging to state institutions but being active in social life and charity and fulfilling their own projects were invited to the Summit. 

An open informal dialogue became the main feature of the Summit. Women not only presented their reports but also exchanged ideas and experience and found contacts for further interaction and fulfilment of joint projects in different fields of activity.


Summer Peace Summit: Global Woman for Global Growth
(26–27 June 2020, Istanbul, Turkey)

It is impossible to preserve peace by means of words. Concrete actions are needed. The goal of the Second Summit of P50 is to focus common efforts on creation of peaceful environment for future generations, to exchange ideas on how to inspire and encourage one another, and to provide the feeling of global unity. 

The Second Summer Peace Summit will become an important starting point for new intercultural projects. The part of them will appear in the process of live communication of participants. 

Development of cultural links at the level of horizontal communication is one of the means of preservation of peace. Today, it is important to make every person understand that eternal values such as love, compassion, and respect must be in the heart of everybody. 

Over the year, Peace 50 participants united their efforts to support 10 major social projects carried out by women from different countries. The interaction of women is based on friendly and unselfish communication aimed at achieving concrete results.

Community’s projects

Organising Committee

1.jpg Gülden Türktan
Founder and the First Chair of W20, Chairperson of the Board of International Women's Forum Turkey
3.jpg Joynicole Martinez
Chief Executive Officer of The Alchemist Agency, Director of Research & Development at World Women Foundation
4.jpg Barbara Dietrich
Editor-in-Chief of the Diplomatic World Magazine, Supervisor of the Living Tomorrow Art Space
2.jpg Marina Volynkina
Head of the Global Women Media news agency, Rector of the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies (IGUMO)

Peace 50: How it started out  

When active, creative, concerned, and like-minded women meet one another, they become able to generate a number of new ideas and initiatives. The start to the great friendship and effective interaction between Barbara Dietrich, Editor-in-Chief of the Diplomatic World Magazine, and Marina Volynkina, Head of the Global Women Media news agency, was given at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum in Saint Petersburg. When discussing its agenda, Ms. Volynkina and Ms. Dietrich understood that they both had similar life values and view of the global development issues. They decided to focus their joint efforts on the creation of a community of women like-minders. Their interaction has become a working model for Peace 50: uniting potentials of women leaders to achieve better results.

Summer Peace Summit

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