Anna Piskunova: Sweet Entrepreneurship

Anna Piskunova: Sweet Entrepreneurship

About how a mother can start a business on the net

Entrepreneurship on the net is becoming increasingly popular among young mothers. Many of them consider social networks as platforms for not only communication and exchange of opinions and information but also fulfilment of their potential. Anna Piskinova is one of those successful mothers-entrepreneurs. She founded her own home confectionery business, within which she makes cakes, cupcakes, and decorated gingerbread. She also delivers workshops for adults and children. Ms. Piskunova attracts most part of her clients through social networks.  

Anna Piskunova - founder of a home confectionery business, internet entrepreneur

Anna Piskunova came to the idea of this project when she was googling souvenirs for children’s birthday guests. At that time, she paid her attention to decorated gingerbread and was interested in the process of making it. Ms. Piskunova attended several workshops and then started trying making and decorating gingerbread.

“I spent much time trying different recipes and achieving the desired results. At first, nothing worked out. However, my inborn perfectionism didn’t let me give up”, she remembers.

Over time, Ms. Piskunova had her own cooking and creative secrets that helped her make beautiful designs of gingerbread. Today, when clients receive what they ordered, they are often amazed that the products are decorated manually, not by means of a food printer.


This attracts people very much because it is increasingly difficult to find goods of heart in the modern world with rapidly developing technologies.

Her passion to confectionery production didn’t become her profession at once. Initially, Anna Piskunova baked gingerbread as presents for her friends and family. She wanted to share her cooking success with people around and started posting photos of her products on social networks. The first order came from Anna’s friend inspired by her pastry. She asked Ms. Piskunova to make gingerbread for a school fair.

“Then I understood: social networks are a very convenient platform for client capture. If you can do something well, this in itself is a good advertisement”, she shares.


Today, Anna’s account on Instagram has upwards of 12.7 thousand subscribers. They are all interested in her cooking creativity. Ms. Piskunova emphasises that she has never paid for advertising.

The entrepreneur not only achieved the desired goal and worked out her own system of cooking beautiful and tasty gingerbread loved by many people but also expanded the range of her products. She started making cakes and cupcakes. This business brings Anna Piskunova much pleasure despite the amount of time it takes.

Анна-Пискунова12.jpg Анна-Пискунова13.jpg Анна-Пискунова14.jpg Анна-Пискунова17.jpg
Анна-Пискунова12.jpg Анна-Пискунова13.jpg Анна-Пискунова14.jpg Анна-Пискунова17.jpg

“My labour work is very painstaking. Sometimes it requires much more time than it seems at first sight but it’s worth that”, she believes.

Ms. Piskunova often has to carry out the orders day and night in order to meet the deadline. She has much work on holidays and weekends. Buying products takes much time. It is important to pay special attention to choosing ingredients in order the pastry could be not only beautiful but also tasty.

“Every order is individual. It is important to think through and discuss all the details in order my clients and me both liked the result. Sometimes it can take a whole day to look for pictures for decoration”, she explains.

One of the main achievements of Anna Piskunova is well-deserved credibility of her clients. Many of them rely entirely on her own taste and ask Ms. Piskunova to carry out their orders in her own way.

As for a mother, it was important for Anna Piskunova to find such a job that could give her the opportunity to pay more attention to her family and at the same time fulfil her potential. She actually did that! Today, she shares her warmth and joy not only with her close people but also many children and adult confectionery lovers.

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Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov