Anna Zharova is the prima ballerina, Russian People's artist, 'Golden Mask' national theatre premium laureate, founder of the ballet school called Firebird. 

While performing dances in magnificent costumes to the music of brilliant composers, the ballet dancers are in a beautiful and at the same time cruel fairy tale. After the performance, when the sounds of the orchestra still ring in their ears, it is very difficult for them to go back to the ordinary world. 

It is especially difficult to return to domestic affairs, when you play the role of a princess on stage. Anna Zharova knows that very well. However, she says, she is ready to put up with this, as in the role of the princess she feels more young and beautiful. The language of beauty has no boundaries, and these amazing feelings are transmitted to the audience during the performance. Thus, Russian ballet gives unlimited opportunities for communication. Even for most famous theaters it is an honor to have in their repertoire such performances as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty. 

“I think that, ideally, every girl should have a basic knowledge and skill of classical dance. The ballet school makes your body graceful, it makes your posture good, nurtures your aesthetic taste, teaches how to control your emotions and body”, said Anna Zharova. 

The ballet dancer dreams of children’s centre in Novosibirsk combining the schools of ballet, music, singing and painting. History of arts and teaching good manners would perfectly fit in. This would be like a revived lyceum for noble young ladies. 

Anna’s elder daughter already dances in the ballet school of her mother. This year, her younger sister, who just turned 3.5 years old, also joined it. Anna admits, she must become at least a queen for her daughters in order girls could also become princesses on the stage. 

If you strip away the ‘royal veneer’, you may find inner beauty. Self-development is accessible to every person, it is like a crime to ignore it. 

“If all people are educated and cultured, then there will be no war or aggression in the world. After all, everything starts with culture. When one destroys the culture of the nation, there will not be a nation itself”, said Anna Zharova. 

Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov 

Information and photo are provided by ‘Intellectual Gloss of Siberia’