Anniversary of Women’s Leadership Forum

Anniversary of Women’s Leadership Forum

“Everything starts with love”

On May 23, Moscow hosted the 5th Women's Leadership Forum. It united women leaders from different fields of activity, those who strived to reveal their best qualities, people with open heart and soul. The Forum helped the participants exchange activity, share success stories and stories about overcoming challenges, reveal themselves from different perspectives, and set new plans.

Svetlana Landa, executive-coach and head of the ‘Style of Life Academy’ international coaching centre, and Alina Barinova, Chairperson of the ‘Profcom’ professional community of experts, are the founders of the Forum. They believe that today’s world needs a humane attitude as never before. Modern women fulfil their dreams, make success in career, develop themselves and inspire people around to creation. They can create a unique warm environment in their families and in the professional field as well. This women’s leadership style provides an opportunity to live happily and bring positive social changes.


The first Women's Leadership Forum that took place in 2015 was a specific experiment.

“We had a dream of conducting a meeting of leaders of women’s projects and communities in order to exchange experience in a friendly atmosphere of an open dialogue. We managed to do that. Business leaders who always speak in the manner of highly-professional experts at major venues, could reveal their souls to the participants of the forum”, says Alina Barinova.


Organisers of the forum had much positive feedback and gratitude from the participants. After that, it was decided to conduct such events regularly. The Women's Leadership Forum has been annually growing after that.

Today, Women's Leadership Forum is a major community of women leaders and mentors who are ready to share their experience and sincerely contribute to positive changes in business, families, and society.


More than 40 monthly community meetings, several corporate cluster conferences, and dozens of inspiring discussions have been held since 2015.

We are open to dialogue on social networks. You can share your ideas and suggestions on new publications. Establishment of the Corporate Club of Clubs became another important achievement. For the first time in Russia, it united women’s organisations and communities of the leading Russian and international corporations for the sake of women’s leadership development and strengthening the role of women in managing companies.


The community pays much attention to the topic of life&work balance (LWB). The forum participants include a number of happy wives, grandmothers, and mothers with many children. They harmoniously combine professional duties, hobbies, and taking care of their close people. The participants willingly share their experience with other women.

Life&work balance is a real art that is not easy to master. However, many women cope with that.


During the 5th Women’s Leadership Forum, the founders revealed a secret: the abbreviation LWB also has a deeper meaning, which is Love, Wisdom, and Being. “Everything starts with love” is a phrase from a poem by Robert Rozhdestvensky. It literally became the slogan of the community. Love inspires people to creation and changing the world for the better. It helps achieve success in any activity. Wisdom is a quality that helps find harmony and differentiate between what to do and what to give up. Being means not seeming but being yourself and following the voice of your heart. The WLF community brought together leaders who differentiate these values and are ready to share their practical experience with others.

The 5th Women’s Leadership Forum 2019 included four main sessions. They were dedicated to the topics of the previous four years of the community’s life: ‘Life Work Balance’, ‘Leadership Without Boundaries’, ‘Partnership’, and ‘Teamwork’.


Heads of major companies and women entrepreneurs, founders and representatives of foundations and social organisations, women scientists, and conductors were the forum’s speakers. They not only shared their professional and life experience but also their touching and inspiring stories, pieces of their own wisdom.

Permanent WLF speakers included Nadiya Cherkasova, Chairperson of Committee for Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship of OPORA RUSSIA, Irina Eldarkhanova, co-owner of Confael, Evgeniya Shokhina, Editor-in-Chief of Business Russia magazine, and others. Marina Volynkina, Head of the Eurasian Women’s Community news agency, took part in the ‘Leadership Without Boundaries’ session as a speaker for the first time. 

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W_9.jpg W_8.jpg W_10.jpg W_11.jpg W_12.jpg W_13.jpg W_14.jpg W_15.jpg W_16.jpg W_17.jpg W_18.jpg W_19.jpg добавить_1.jpg добавить_3.jpg

The forum also hosted the sessions of personal and group mentoring, workshops, and working sessions of leaders of women’s clubs and diversity agenda in companies. The event ended with a Community Сo-creation Session, which was the new format of meetings in 2019.

The event was so entertaining that the participants didn’t notice how the time passed. Over that time, they managed to learn much useful information, get acquainted and even make friends with interesting people, and charge with inspiration for new ideas and initiatives. Svetlana Landa and Alina Barinova announced the 6th Women’s Leadership Forum. It will take place on 20 May 2020 at the Smirnov Mansion. The community’s work continues in a daily regime. That is why the forthcoming event will surely be even more large-scale and intense.

We are open to dialogue on social networks. You can share your ideas and suggestions on new publications.

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Forum

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov