Architecture is a branch of art comprising both aesthetic and practical qualities. Thus, an architect is both an artist who decorates the space and a scientist who thinks over every detail to organise the space properly. More and more women now work in architecture. Women’s interest in architecture can be explained by the fact that most of them have good taste, strive for creation and making the world a better place. EWC journalists spoke to one of the most talented and successful women, TZAM Group chief architect and legal advisor, dean of Architectural College of IGUMO Anastasia Petrova.

She worked on such projects as Hotel Moskva, Moscow City buildings, interior design of Moscow offices, aparthotel Mojito Club Holiday Residence in Bulgaria, etc. According to our interlocutress, resort architecture is of great interest. Anastasia is sure, that “Heading to resorts, people try to avoid busy urban life, personal problems and work. Thus, it is essential to design such a place that will really make one relax. That is why resort architecture must differ from every other type of it”.


Anastasia Petrova is sure, that future holds the best for her: “Our work is very important. However, we, architects always look ahead. I try to work on projects that will somehow affect the future. I myself try to design one-of-a-kind objects”.

According to Anastasia, women-architects most often go in for community architecture. She continues by stating that “They are right in their choice. As for me, women sense social problems greatly and know what people need. Women-architects can create many objects that people truly need”. Nowadays, architecture as a job becomes more female. Male-dominated stereotypes concerning the sphere disappear. As a dean of Architectural College, Anastasia Petrova highlighted, that many girls choose to be architects and then get a chance to head architect bureaus. She is a successful architect herself.


In Anastasia’s opinion, the real professional should never stop self-developing and learn something new. Aside from architecture, Anastasia studies Chinese and translates.

She told us that “As I was studying Chinese culture, I noticed that Asian countries cultivate lifelong education for a very long time already. In my point of view, it is essential for people to study for their whole life regardless of the profession. The world is changing swiftly and we should keep up with the times. I advise all the people to self-develop constantly, as it is the only way one can become a true specialist”.

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov