Marina Mishunkina’s media work experience is impressive. She worked in the PR department of Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda for 7 years. She became a laureate of the VIII Media Manager of Russia National Award and received Russian Federation President’s Message of Thanks for professional success. She is now the First Deputy Director General of Argumenty i Fakty newspaper. Marina’s job is to manage the sales, plan the weekly newsletter, website, and company’s other applications alongside launching new projects. The EWC journalists asked her what should a good article look like and why do women executives address their work objectives better than men do. 


Big news and their instant spread are the features of modern Internet media. It often happens that because of the information noise the reader is unable to understand the situation. Marina comments: “We in Argumenty i Fakty try to cancel such noise and provide our audience with real news. We even have the department, which double checks the veracity of the sources we use to write our articles”. 

In the early 90s, the newspaper even made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest print run in the world, which equaled 33.5 million issues. Argumenty i Fakty is still one of the world’s leaders. Now 20 million users read their news online, while 5 million buy their issues on the regular basis. The secret to success here is people believe Argumenty i Fakty. According to Marina Mishunkina, “If people visited our website or bought our newspaper, they could be 100% sure they get the truth. Surely, negative news are indispensable. Whenever the tragedy happens, we write about it. However, we are not trying to inflate it. While providing the information, we stick to the balanced approach”. 


Marina says that whenever a reader chooses one publication or another, they identify their ‘information health’. Our interlocutress is sure: “We are what we consume. I am a positive and athletic person. Thus, the information I acquire leads to some drive and development”. 

She is sure that there are no gender stereotypes in media. According to her, more and more women take senior positions: “That is about the multitasking that a leader faces. Men are mostly logicians, which means they cannot move to another problem before solving the initial one. Women, in turn, do not have to wait until their head answers one question. They are really intuitive, thus, they are often more efficient”. 


Marina Mishunkina told us the story from her life. Being a student, she noticed, that she always managed to build a team so that every person there would be as functional and useful as possible. Her intuition is still her top advisor in being a leader: “In such a case, you do a real favour for both shareholders who get a large profit from well-coordinated work and staff members who want to fulfil themselves and be as efficient doing their jobs as possible. Thus, if you guessed their purpose correctly or helped them expand their career path, you would not find a better and more loyal member”. 

Marina Kachkalova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov