Art Inspiring Innovations

Art Inspiring Innovations

About cultural projects at Skolkovo 

Science and art are closely interrelated in the modern world. The interaction of these two fields often gives birth to breakthrough solutions. Thus, technologies of the future are being developed. Elena Panteleyeva, Head of the Culture&Science Division at the Skolkovo Foundation, believes that pieces of art contribute to not only personal development of people but also to the world as a whole and promote technological progress.  

Already at the start of her career, Ms. Panteleyeva launched the first radio programme about contemporary art to be broadcasted in Moscow. She also worked in the L’Officiel magazine, headed a thematic rubric, and cooperated with many other media. Elena Panteleyeva is the founder of two media brands: BLACKSQUARE, which is a magazine dedicated to contemporary art, and Winzavod ArtReview newspaper. 

Working as an art director of the Moscow Contemporary Art Centre Winzavod was another important step in her career path. 


Today, Ms. Panteleyeva is the Head of the Culture&Science Division at the Skolkovo Foundation. She shared about the innovation centre’s projects she supervised at the moment. 

“Within the Public Art at Skolkovo direction, we are developing the urban environment by means of interaction with contemporary artists”, says Elena Panteleyeva. The innovation centre hosts publicly accessible open contests. Contemporary artists share their ideas and present their art objects, the best of which are later placed at the territory of Skolkovo. 

“Skolkovo Innovation Centre is a specific starting point of the birth of breakthrough ideas. This point should be the bright one. To make it so, the innovative orientation of startups and the creative environment are being created, in many respects thanks to artists”, comments Ms. Panteleyeva. 

According to her, artworks have an important impact on a person’s thinking. They can inspire him or her to new ideas and creation of breakthrough technologies. 


The innovation city annually hosts a large-scale project titled ‘Industrial Design Days at Skolkovo’. “We managed to create an effective platform where designers can interact with technological startups to launch and implement new projects”, explains Elena Panteleyeva. 

Anyone wishing can visit this year's Industrial Design Days at Skolkovo held in the HyperCube on June 29. 

Industrial design is interesting not only thanks to creation of interesting shapes. It also includes ergonomics studies, usage of new materials, and development of business strategies. 

Another project, which is titled ‘Art&Science at Skolkovo’, is aimed at interaction of artists and scientists, the unity of art and science. 


Lectures and other educational events regularly take place within this direction of work. Art science specialists share about what inspires them and why the interaction of art and science is so important today. They discuss relevant topics related to the unity of technological and artistic thinking. 

Art science is the branch of contemporary art. Art science artists use the newest technologies and research methods to create their artworks. 

For Elena Panteleyeva, contemporary art is the field that can’t help amazing and inspiring her. 

“I sincerely believe that artists contribute to the humanity progress on an equal footing with scientists. I hope that our activity will bring use and will help all the authors we cooperate with”, she says. 

As a person whose work is closely linked to innovations, Elena Panteleyeva recommends people not to be afraid of changes. According to her, it is important for any person to be open to innovations and perceive any changes as positive experience and one more step in world cognition. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov