Within the framework of the international conference Intellectual Property in the New Technological Order at Skolkovo, the EWC journalists interviewed John Flood, Professor of Law and Society at Griffith University in Australia. They discussed whether it would be possible to regard artificial intelligence (AI) as an inventor, though whether machines would simplify entering into contracts in the field of intellectual property, and found out what women should do to be listened to and heard. 

Speaking about global trends in intellectual property, John Flood mentioned that Australia had long applied blockchain technology successfully. Those companies he works with are engaged in different field including healthcare, digital ballot boxes, new social networks, legal assistance, etc. According to the speaker, the range of their activities is infinite and Australia wants to be in the leadership of blockchain companies. 


As he said, artificial intelligence can simplify the process of contracts preparation in the field of intellectual property. It is to become more commonly used and be applied in a wider range of activities. Artificial intelligence already assists people in medicine. The speaker also mentioned a web site in Britain called, which helps people deal with their parking tickets. AI has 75% success rates in the field mentioned. 


The speaker believes that people will keep on having a key role in the world. At the same time, he supposes that people will have a certain relationship model with machine, according to which they will complement each other. The machines will do a lot of routine work we do not have to think about. That potentially provides us with opportunities to do something much more creative ourselves. 


“Though, of course, the machines themselves will be creative. And so we will be in competition, in a friendly way”, said John Flood. 

If we imagine that machines go beyond the framework of their basic functions, we will face the question about the equality of people and artificial intelligence. 

“I don’t think we can just go on calling machines ‘machines’. They are a category separate from us and are probably beneath us. But what happens if machines become equal?” he commented. 


During the interview, John Flood stressed the importance of women in the modern world. 

“I think women have to have a much stronger voice, have to be making demands. I believe they will succeed. I think women have a powerful voice, including in the field of new technologies”, he finished. 

Yan Zarubin, Anastasia Tsukanova, Nikolay Gavrilov, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov