Artist who stops the time

Artist who stops the time

Archivist Daria Neretina

Many contemporary artists speak about acute social problems through their works. Daria Neretina doesn’t belong to that group. She likes to work with old and forgotten objects and demonstrate the beauty of habitual things. On the one hand, Ms. Neretina strives to stop time. On the other hand, she tries to prolong it.

Daria Neretina - artists, supervisor of creative projects

Daria Neretina has been making installations using porcelain elements and joining them with old glass, metal, wood or new constructions for seven years already. “When creating my works, I act like an alchemist: I perform transmutations of surfaces in harmony with natural laws. In the pursuit of ideal glossy and matte surfaces, I repeat all the phases of classic technology of processing porcelain but approach it as a tool of contemporary art”, she explains.

Porcelain is not the only material Ms. Neretina works with. Old things that fall into her hands become the main source of her inspiration.


For example, recently Daria Neretina bought a herbarium dated 1989 at a jumble market. It was collected and decorated manually. Today, the artist enjoys copying the samples from that herbarium and supplementing them with embroidery and other decorative elements.

For Daria art is a part of her life. She has a constant desire to create. The artist always looks for new paths to develop and gets inspired by everything around her.

A total installation at the Old Fund Greenhouse of the Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences held this year was one of the biggest projects by Daria Neretina. The installation was created jointly with artists Katya Isayeva and Anya Phobia. The exposition included not only art objects but also light and sound installations. This was a site-specific project created specially for this space.


The project has clearly demonstrated that contemporary is characterised by the unification of a variety of different genres, tools, and expressive means. In addition, artists actively cooperated with scientific personnel of the botanical garden.

Contemporary art contributes to building communication between people engaged in different fields of activity and having different views on the world and art.


Today, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art hosts the personal exhibition of Daria Neretina titled ‘The Nature of Things’. Studying the emergence of plant life, the artist performed her own laboratory research, in which she sequentially recreated all botanical stages from seed to mature fruit. The author presented this process as a deep metaphor of creation: from an idea to its fulfilment.

This weekend, on April 20-21, the Days of Contemporary Art (DOCA) festival in Moscow will present another project by Daria Neretina titled ‘Laboratory of Materials Science’.

Дарья-Неретина_8.jpg Дарья-Неретина_7.jpg Дарья-Неретина_4.jpg Дарья-Неретина_6.jpg
Дарья-Неретина_8.jpg Дарья-Неретина_7.jpg Дарья-Неретина_4.jpg Дарья-Неретина_6.jpg

Under the leadership of Ms. Neretina, beginning artists will transform the existing sculpture workshop and create an installation. The workshop already has an archive of clay artworks. Every of them will be supplemented with a special element not changing the physical appearance of the sample but interacting with it.

“We work with the sense on the space itself allowing people around to see the workshop differently. We emphasize beauty in habitual things in order to help people learn to see it around them”, said Daria Neretina.

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Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov