Barbara Dietrich About Vladimir Putin’s Press Conference

Barbara Dietrich About Vladimir Putin’s Press Conference

Barbara Dietrich shared her impressions of the conference 

This year, more than 1700 journalists from all over Russia and other countries came together to attend the Russian President’s Big Annual Press Conference. Barbara Dietrich, Editor-in-Chief of the Belgian magazine titled ‘Diplomatic World’ was one of the participants of the meeting. She shared her impressions of the event.  

Barbara Dietrich was especially impressed by the President paying much attention to the problems voiced by journalists. He not only promised to take measures to improve the situation but also explained the reasons of certain challenges in Russia.  

“I admire how sincerely President Putin is concerned about the problems of Russians and how actively he takes part in the lives of citizens of his country”, she comments.  


According to Ms. Dietrich, Russian President’s Big Annual Press Conference is an exceptional event because Russians have the opportunity to propose their ways of the country’s development through media representatives. Such close relation between the power and society is extremely important to ensure the most efficient progress.  

It was interesting for Barbara Dietrich to watch how President Putin answers questions of international journalists. He was accurate, competent, and objective and provided many facts and arguments. There were enough hardball questions related to highly charged international political atmosphere. However, when answering, Vladimir Putin put emphasis on diplomacy. He stressed that Russia wants and is ready to cooperate with other actors in international relations for the sake of the common future.  

Barbara Dietrich believes that the conference itself had a unifying character. Journalists from different countries arrived to Moscow to know more about Russia, its people, and to better understand the position of the government. This is an important diplomatic factor.

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Ms. Dietrich is a journalist who often travels around the world and visits events of different scale. The Russian President’s Big Annual Press Conference impressed her very much.  

According to Barbara Dietrich, such conferences are vital for improving international relations. People from different countries have a common desire to live in peace and harmony. Such meetings of representatives of power and journalists help understand it and build efficient communication to achieve common goals.  

Barbara Dietrich herself attended the press conference not only to learn more about Russia and its leader. As hundreds of other journalists she prepared a question to Vladimir Putin. It is important for Barbara Dietrich to ensure that Eurasia develops cultural and tourism relations. She has an idea of a project, which is launching Eurasian touristic trains that move in different directions and stop in different countries including Russia. Thanks to those trains, people will be able to visit several cities and countries in a short time, communicate with representatives of different cultures, and learn about traditions of other nations.

“We need to get to know the beauty and splendor of other peoples. We want to test and discover the local specialties. We want to be in dialogue, we want to laugh, sing, and dance together. We strive to create togetherness”, says Ms. Dietrich. 

A journey on a train can be a blessing in our fast-moving time: a slow movement where we can reflect on the important things in our lives, in our life together. Work on the development of such a project is currently under way. This is an economic and cultural project. Only a well-functioning economy can bring prosperity and peace. 

“I wanted to share this idea with President Putin very much because, in my opinion, this project is also aimed at ensuring friendly relations between countries. The more people from different countries communicate in a positive way, the stronger the links for further communication will be”, says Barbara Dietrich. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov