Artists are people who have the ability to create their own amazing world and share it with other people. With their rich imagination, they can turn common things into something special. Karine Bulgach, chief artist of the Globus theatre in Novosibirsk, told us about her creative and exciting job and about the power of love.

According to the interviewee, her activity is aimed at creation of visual images so as to as accurately as possible reflect characters, the idea, and context of the events shown on stage. Before starting work on design, Karine and the performance’s director brainstorm, exchange impressions from reading the script, and come to understanding what should be presented to the audience. They look for a unique image for every character. Sometimes the character is taken from the past into modern reality and it is necessary to preserve his or her traits of character and habits and at the same time give him or her new qualities important for modern people. When all characters are finalized one can switch to the general space in which they will live.

“As for any artist it is important for me to make everything in such a way that the director and all other participants of the creative process feel comfortable. It is important that it is easy and interesting for them to work in an atmosphere we all got used to. This atmosphere must help actors, it must become the whole universe giving birth to new ideas and images”, said Karine.

It is interesting that Karine Bulgach has not only artistic education, but musical one as well. She was being prepared to become a musician all her life and graduated from a college with good marks. But she decided not to continue this way because she understood that she was more attracted to drawing.

“Then I got a goal to become a theatre artist. I was fascinated by the world where one’s task is to think, fantasize and do something with one’s hands”, she said.

She decided to get an artistic education and entered a university despite the fact that it recruited new students only every four years and she started visiting preparatory classes two months before the entry examination. Once she had an opportunity to do practical training at the Globus theatre. Then she realised she had made the right choice of profession.

“Theatre is an entire way of life. If you aren’t a fan of this activity you just won’t succeed in it. When preparing a performance no one engaged in it wants to leave work at 6 p.m. and go about one’s business. We are living this work. We never stop our mental and creative process even outside the theatre. Sometimes it is exhausting but at the same time very interesting,” added Karine Bulgach.

The speaker constantly looks for inspiration for new creative ideas in what surrounds her. She tries to travel more, to read much, and to watch TV and performances in theatres. Sometimes any little thing can bring an interesting idea. According to Karine, Novosibirsk’s nature and architecture are special sources of inspiration for her. Even a usual work helps her immerse in the world of fantasies and dreams.

In her opinion, it is love that creates our world. She tries to apply a special approach: “If there is no love, what will we have? Even when we do something that brings no pleasure, it is enough to start loving just a little part of this activity, project or play. When you do it, everything works as if on wheels, is on its proper course, and becomes easily accessible”, she finished.

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov