Believing in Yourself Even When Others Don’t

Believing in Yourself Even When Others Don’t

Shirley Bahula-Ermias shared the secrets of her success 

Ms. Shirley Bahula-Ermias heads her own oil and gas company and is the General Director of a major international organisation. She is a successful woman leader whose work is based on her deepest love towards people and positive thinking. 

Shirley Bahula-Ermias, the President and CEO of SFT GAS & OIL TRADING LLC, General Director of BRICS Oil & Gas and BRICS Energy in the Russian Federation 

Her most significant achievements include establishment of SFT GAS & OIL TRADING LLC, development of Waste Management Innovation Technology with UNIDO, and successful work on participation of women and young people in the economy within BRICS & AFRICA.


Ms. Bahula-Ermias pays much attention to ecological issues. Under her leadership, a major project called SFT Tshwane Green City was implemented in South Africa. 

Today, activities related to women’s empowerment alongside with improvement of the economies in South Africa and other BRICS countries are extremely important for Shirley Bahula-Ermias as General Director of BRICS OIL LTD. Some countries affected both by sanctions and trade wars are in a challenging situation. Ms. Bahula-Ermias makes every effort to solve economic problems existing due to that. It is important for her that citizens of countries irrespective of their gender and age have equal opportunities to fulfil their potential. 

Shirley Bahula-Ermias sets herself global goals that are often not that easy to achieve. Main difficulties she faces relate to funding projects and their support by different structures. Ms. Bahula-Ermias believes that the solution is “keeping on knocking at the right doors and not giving up easily” alongside with believing in yourself and in what you do. 

According to her, there were people who were skeptical about her career growth. They believed that a woman couldn’t cope with such a great responsibility. However, Ms. Bahula-Ermias kept on believing in herself and made success. She is very grateful to her husband and son for their being very supportive. Their believing in her gives Shirley Bahula-Ermias much strength and energy. 

Ms. Bahula-Ermias believes that one should always remain positive, keep loving oneself and people around, dream bigger, and unconditionally believe in one’s dream in order to succeed in life. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov