More and more women take leading positions in different spheres of life. Traditionally women pay much attention to the healthcare and education. Some of them even combine those important spheres. Nadezhda Onufrieva, director of the National Children Educational Recreational Centre Zubryonok, is an example of such a woman. 

More than 16 000 children visit the camp annually. Not all of them are from Belorussia. Many come from different countries including Russia. 


The Centre realises many international projects aimed at supporting those who need it. For example, Zubryonok has been receiving Japanese children who suffered from Fukushima accident for 7 years already. The camp also helped the victims of Chernobyl accident. 500 children from Syria will come to Zubryonok this year. 

Despite the fact that there are children from different countries, they have no communication problems in Zubryonok. Children are friendly and open. It often helps them understand one another without words. However, there always are specialists that help children communicate. Nadezhda said that Zubryonok cooperates with many organisations including the State Linguistic University. That is why there always are many translators in the camp. 


Nowadays the Centre cooperates with China, a country that puts much effort for popularisation of its language. There are linguistic shifts at the camp. There children learn Chinese language, culture, and traditions. Thus, Zubryonok became a symbol of international friendship. It is important that children learn to love cultures of different countries from early ages. 


The main Centre’s tasks are to create conditions for socialization of the growing generation, help in choosing the course of life, and teaching children to participate in development of the state. 

Nadezhda Onufrieva runs the biggest national children centre in the country. She is responsible not only for the staff but also for many children. Such a job requires much energy and time. Our interlocutress is sure that there are many possibilities for realisation of women’s potential in the modern world. According to her, it is important to correctly distribute the household duties between the members of the family. The women shouldn’t do all the things. 


In conclusion, Nadezhda wished all women to never forget who they are and put love and care in everything they do. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin