Best Website for Children

Best Website for Children

Global Talents won Runet Prize 

The future of our country depends on the environment, in which the coming generation grows up. Modern children spend much time in the internet. There are many projects aimed at their creative and intellectual development and help in self-realisation. It is interesting that women more often than men become authors of social initiatives. They use global web as a tool for creative development of the younger generation. Global Talents web portal headed by Marina Volynkina won Runet Prize in the Children’s Runet nomination in 2018. 

Runet Prize is a national award in the sphere of hi-tech and internet that encourages merits of leading companies. 

It is awarded for contribution to the development of Russian segment in the internet. That competition has been an important event in the IT branch for 15 years already. It allows marking the most successful and useful companies and internet projects. 


The official letter to participants and guests of the Runet Prize 2018 award ceremony was sent by Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s Prime Minister. 

He mentioned that nowadays Runet is a unique online space uniting business resources, educational, cultural, and sports sites, analytics, and mass media. “Economics develops and digital technologies are integrated into all spheres of life in part thanks to you, winners of the Prize. It is you who make it mobile and interesting, open limitless opportunities for every person, and help people share experience, realise themselves, and communicate”, said the Prime minister to the winners. 

This year, the prize was awarded in 13 different nominations, one of which was the Children’s Runet. 

Anna Kuznetsova, the President’s Commissioner for Children’s Rights, and Vera Obolonkina, Editor-in-Chief of the Carousel television channel, were invited to present the Prize. 

According to Anna Kuznetsova, nowadays people often say that there is a lot of questionable information and negativity in the internet. At the same time, the whole national projects are aimed at expanding digitalisation. It is digital technologies where we find new resources for the development of children and social policy. 


“I am making every effort for providing a happy future for our children and supporting useful projects that help the younger generation, families, schools, and the whole country”, said the Commissioner. As mentioned by her, she herself is a mother of six children who actively use the internet. It is important for her that the global web becomes a positive space for their development. 

The speaker wished energy and success to the winners. She added that many initiatives had already been heard and supported by the state. 

Anna Kuznetsova highly appreciated the Global Talents web portal. 

It was created for searching, supporting, and development of talented schoolchildren from all over Russia. Today more than 25 thousand children from 85 regions of the country have registered on that platform. They participate in contests and actions, which are conducted on the site, communicate with one another, exchange knowledge, and share their interests. For four years of its work, the portal has managed to form a whole community of talented children and it keeps growing. 

The golden statue and Diploma of the winner of the Runet Prize were received by Roman Piskunov, Deputy Rector of IGUMO for System Analytics and Development of Internet Projects. 

We heartily congratulate the team of the Global Talents web portal with another victory! 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin