Deeper Black Than Square

Deeper Black Than Square

About an international exhibition project 

The exhibition project titled DEEPER BLACK THAN SQUARE, which is dedicated to perception of Kazimir Malevich’s works, will take part within the Days of Contemporary Art (DOCA) festival in Moscow. The Open Call to artists from all over the world who are ready to enter the dialogue about art by means of their works has already been launched. Yelizaveta Zemlyanova, winner of the Volunteer Marathon that was conducted within the preparation of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum, will be one of the supervisors of the project. 

Yelizaveta Zemlyanova - Supervisor of DOCA project, winner of the Volunteer Marathon

DOCA is a major project dedicated to love of art. A large number of artists in the broad sense of this word annually take part in the festival. Those people are not only from different regions of Russia but also from different countries. This year, the DEEPER BLACK THAN SQUARE exhibition uniting Russian and European art figures will be one of the brightest parts of the programme. The event will mark the 140th anniversary of Kazimir Malevich. 


DEEPER BLACK THAN SQUARE is a unique exhibition project. Within its framework, modern artist interpret the influence of ideas and discoveries of Kazimir Malevich through any genres: pictorial art, graphic art, sculpture, performance, photography, and video art. 

“Kazimir Malevich is a figure of global impact. Viewers get acquainted with his works in the first turn due to their worldwide fame and mysterious character. His work Black Square is known around the world. But what people feel when seeing the painting? It is especially interesting to know opinions of those who are people of art themselves”, comments Yelizaveta Zemlyanova. 

According to the exhibition’s supervisor, today it is extremely necessary to provide young modern artists with a platform for rethinking of Kazimir Malevich’s works. This concerns not only his pictures but texts as well because he paid much attention to theory. 

His theoretical works significantly influenced the formation of contemporary art. 


Creativity of Kazimir Malevich is multifaceted. Any person can find something close to him or her in the artist’s works. It is interesting that people from different countries who are representatives of different cultures with different mentalities and worldviews will interpret his pieces of art. 

“Kazimir Malevich is a world artist. And now we have a world project about him. This will be a major international dialogue and it will be conducted in a single language, which is the language of art”, says Yelizaveta Zemlyanova. 

On February 23, a scientific and practical conference on Kazimir Malevich’s creativity will take place in the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies in the run-up to DOCA festival. 

Yelizaveta Zemlyanova invited artists to join the international cultural dialogue, present their works to the world, and discover new ideas for their future projects. To do that, one should fill in the application form and send it (one can participate remotely) before February 20, 2019. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov