News agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community congratulates Galina Karelova on her birthday! She is the Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council, the head of the EWF Working Group, the Deputy Chairperson of the EWF Organising Committee, and our ideological inspirer. 

Women often get bouquets for their birthdays. We decided to gather our own composition demonstrating all the beauty, wisdom, and charm of Galina Karelova. She dedicated her whole life to serving people. So, let us share, what hides under outer strictness of that beautiful woman. 

Lily of the valley symbolises love to people, caring about their difficulties, striving to help everyone, and the desire to make our world a better place. It is no coincidence that for many years and on many positions Mrs. Karelova focuses on social policy. 

Peony – patriotism at its finest. Galina Karelova puts all her efforts in making Russia prosper. 

China rose symbolises honesty and decency. Those features are getting more and more valuable, as unfortunately, we rarely meet them nowadays. We think that Mrs. Karelova is the role model for all citizens, politicians, and people in general. 

Rose is for resolve. Galina Karelova spares no effort to address most complex and labour-intensive issues while perfectly dealing with them. 

Cyclamen – dedication. That quality is essential for every politician. Surely, Mrs. Karelova is a dedicated person, who meet all the challenges on her way. 

Tulip symbolises workaholism. Judging by the amount of work done, she works 24/7 without breaks, weekends, and vacations. 

Calla is for beauty. Mrs. Karelova is a spectacular woman, who is beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. 

Daisy symbolises the spirit of youth. Shining eyes, sincere interest in life, energy, desire to grow, and strive for self-development and global improving; Galina Karelova has it all. 

Iris – intuition. Mrs. Karelova is always unmistakable in noticing people’s potential and estimating future success of various projects. The secret of her insight may somehow relate to the following paragraphs. 

Orchid – experience. Galina Karelova’s projects and positions are significant and large-scale. It is impossible to actualise all of that without her background. It, in its turn, surely provides her the new experience. 

Jasmine is for femininity. She is very elegant and sophisticated, which helps her to address women’s agenda skillfully. 

Viola symbolises inspiration. Galina Karelova sometimes needs only a couple of phrases to motivate people for doing well. 

Happy birthday to you, Mrs. Karelova! 

News agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov