Olga Korshunova is a director of a large enterprise in the Urals called ROSAVA. She developed medical devices, such as special mattress with memory effect preventing bedsores and anatomical rollers for care and rehabilitation of bedridden patients and patients in their postoperative period. Together with the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service of the Southern Ural State University, she implemented joint project on developing and introduction of anatomic pillows and rollers with ECG monitor. The EWC journalists interviewed Olga in order to know how she had started her business and what advantages her products have. 

ROSAVA is a company manufacturing molded polyurethane foam products. The company has been operating on the market since 2002. Molded polyurethane foam is a long-lived material (from 10 to 15 years), which is inflammable and eco-friendly. Using this material, ROSAVA manufactures car seats for heavy vehicles and soft fillers in furniture. Since 2016, it provides products for bedridden patients and persons suffering from serious illness. 


In 2008, Olga’s husband was diagnosed with oncological disease. The couple decided to visit Germany to receive the best treatment possible. After having lived there for a year and watching patients’ rehabilitation in Germany, they decided to create a product line on their enterprise. Unfortunately, treating Olga’s husband didn’t result in success. But she managed to overcome this tragedy and develop his business. In cooperation with German specialists, special mattress and rollers preventing bedsores and anatomic pillows were developed. All these products were made of the same material used by ROSAVA earlier. This material is soft, long-lasting and easy to wash. That is why such a production makes it easier to take care of the patient and improves the patient’s life conditions. Some products have memory effect and make it more comfortable for the patient to use them. 

Olga Korshunova didn’t stop on what she achieved. Now she is planning to produce innovative pillows. They are unique thanks to the fact that they can measure the parameters of the ECG. This can be done without doctors and medical examination rooms. Even a wire connection is not needed. A person just lays down on a pillow or puts his feet on a roller. After that, data on his or her heartbeats automatically go to his phone or computer. Then a person can at any time send this data to his or her doctor. First of all, the technology will be useful for settlements remote from medical institutions. The cost of these rollers will be about 12-15 thousand roubles, this is about 4 times cheaper than imported analogues of that technology. 

Now this medical production is being tested. However, already now there different specialists expressed appreciation, including that from the department of intensive care of premature babies and hospices. 

ROSAVA contributes actively to charity. It helps orphanages and participates in the construction and reconstruction of churches. The company receives a large number of letters of thanks for its activity. 

In October 2017, a children's hospice was established on the basis of the City Clinical Hospital №9 in Chelyabinsk. It was provided with anti-bedsore mattresses, anatomic pillows, and rollers for bedridden patients on charitable basis. 

According to Olga Korshunova, women always sympathize with people around them who experience challenges. If they have such a chance, they will certainly help. Olga was not a specialist in the business started by her husband. But she didn’t give it up. She developed it and discovered a new social and medical direction. 

Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov