Business in which money doesn’t play the main role

Business in which money doesn’t play the main role

On the 28th of October Valentina Matvienko, chairwoman of upper chamber of the Parliament, had a meeting with businesswomen in the Federal Council.

One of the key topics discussed was a necessity of developing women’s business activity. And it does appear to be important. A lot of women have wonderful potential: they are ready not just to open their enterprise, but to develop it for society’s best. Besides, it will give a possibility to use women’s potential, form new workspaces and to improve the social sphere.


As statistics shows, more than a half of labour force are women. And it must be highlighted that the number of women taking senior positions increases.


There were business women from all over Russia. They are successful, vigorous and enthusiastic women who really love what they do.

Some projects were presented at the meeting. Olga Oshchurkova told how she had come to an idea of making high-quality innovating products for children. The Forbes rates projects of this company as one of 10 best in Russia.


Ekaterina Postoeva told that the idea of business had grown up from a joke she and her husband had made when their guests had lauded their hand-made ice-cream. Today Morojko offers premium ice-cream and Ekaterina hopes to open ice-cream cafes soon.

Svetlana Milskaya is the director of a company that makes flight simulators. And her company raised interests not only in Russia but in other countries too.


Also there were presented projects of making special devices for old people, production of seasonings and drinks from Russian products, arranging of the first children’s rock festival and so on. And it must be mentioned that money is not so important for businesswomen as solving society’s problems.

The speakers not only told the stories of their success but suggested ways of solving problems of small business.


Valentina Matvienko commented on every report and promised to provide support for businesswomen.

Developing of women’s enterprises is very important as many organizations try to provide good conditions for women making small business.


Nadiya Cherkasova, chairwoman of Committee for improving women’s enterprises of all-Russian organization Backbone of Russia presented a project of improving women’s enterprises. She suggested a credit-link sponsorial product for Russian businesswomen to help them start communicating with international organizations.


Alexander Braverman, CEO of JSC Federal Corporation of Developing Small and Medium Business told about support which corporation provides to the women’s business. One of the main corporation’s projects is Internet resource that gives data online. If you use this source you will have information about demand on various products in the given location and many important for good business things.


“We think that it is important to support all spheres of women’s business. To do it we should pay attention to forming sales areas, giving accessible credits and so on. And another important thing is education. We must help women learn all necessarily skills for good business”, said Alexander Braverman.


Marina Volynkina, leader of news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community, also suggested information support. She told about the Internet portal with the help of which women would be able to exchange experience in solving different problems, find support from various organizations and tell about their projects.


                                                 Victoria Ezhova, news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community                  

                                                 Translated by Yan Zarubin