Carol Kinsey Goman: Body Language for Leaders

Carol Kinsey Goman: Body Language for Leaders

How to express soft power thorough non-verbal communication 

Peace-50 community united women professionals in different spheres. Every participant contributes to preserving and developing peace. Within the Summer Peace Summit, women shared their ideas, experience, and knowledge to achieve even much success on their way. Carol Kinsey Goman, expert in the sphere of non-verbal communication and author of books and popular video clips, was one of the speakers. She is sure that people have to learn to understand one another and present themselves properly to preserve and develop peace. Yet it is unnecessary to communicate through words. Our body can say a lot for us. 

Carol Kinsey Goman - Author of books about body language and expert in the sphere of non-verbal communication

Carol Kinsey Goman teaches people to effectively use soft power. That is why she participated in the Summer Peace Summit with great interest and pleasure as well as shared her knowledge with active and purposeful women from different countries. It is important for her that talented people take leading positions as well as softly influence people around, bring right values to the world, and are a source of inspiration instead of coercion for many people. 


Posture, gait, gestures, and behaviour can tell much about a person. People often assess one another by that outer qualities when they meet for the first time. Ms. Goman sees her mission in helping people around understand their bodies and learn to communicate in non-verbal language. According to the expert, that is especially important for women because many of them having a huge potential don’t realise it due to shyness and inability to properly present themselves. 

If a person looks unsure, few people will listen to what he or she says. He or she seems an incompetent specialist who doesn’t know what he or she says. In this case, their talent or information they possess and want to share will be in vain.

One can demonstrate power and authority through soft but correct behaviour instead of pressuring people. Straight back and broad smooth gestures make people look calm and confident. That is the very soft power. 


Carol Kinsey Goman explained that leaders cause trust and respect if they possess two main features. Firstly, visible sustainability and transparency are important. You can show it in a body language by not crossing arms and legs in static poses and not holding the elbows and palms close to body. Secondly, the leader has to show empathy towards people around, to be responsive and understanding. Only then, he or she could achieve huge success. 

Women are by nature endowed with the ability to empathize and feel other people well. They can become leaders loved and respected by people around. 

There are still certain stereotypes about women in the society. The research shows that it is men who are leaders in the view of many people. At the same time, the women are just as good as men in competence and professionalism. 

The Stanford University conducted a research, which showed that women who were more adaptable to the situation were the most successful. 

Many women on a level of intuition understand when they should be strong, authoritative, and self-confident and when it is important to show empathy towards people around. Such an adaptive approach to leadership allows them achieving big success and getting maximum results from teamwork. A whole series of video prepared by Carol Kinsey Goman for LinkedIn is dedicated to that topic. 


“We have unique skills, which we must use wisely. Women are able to adapt to different situations, think creatively, and feel other people. If people learn to combine those qualities with soft power they would be able to change the world”, thinks Ms. Goman. 

Carol Kinsey Goman wished participants of the Summer Peace Summit and all women to not be afraid of their authenticity: reflection of what they really are. The main thing is to learn to present yourself with confidence and dignity as well as understand and control the language of your own body. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin