Every year the world community is concerned about water pollution, forests being cut down, greenhouse effect and its consequences (increased air temperatures and melting glaciers). We understand this and take measures to fix the current situation. We turn off the water when brushing teeth, sort the garbage and use canvas bags instead of plastic ones. Now we can’t do more. But there is still a lot to do, for example, planting trees, cleaning reservoirs, using alternative fuels. This is difficult and in most cases not that interesting. We are not all heroes ready to save the planet. 

But there is a good way of how to green our planet with pleasure. Irina Vorozheykina, the founder of organization called Rich Nature, invented this new way through launching a project ‘Cedar Tree as a Gift for a Child’. 

“We want the government to present a cedar tree to every child after his or her birth. In the future children will be able to plant those trees in the place they live and care for them”, she said. 

On average, a cedar tree lives 500 years. During a long time it was everywhere in Russia. It considered an energetically strong plant, its fruit were used for food. In fact, a cedar tree feeds all living beings around it. It is proved that a female sable won’t let a male sable get close if she knows she won’t have a pine nut. These nuts are like a basis for a healthy offspring on our Earth. 

Irina’s team of 10 people has already planted many cedar trees in the Ryazan region and the Moscow region. The seedlings come from Severodvinsk where a not indifferent farmer on his own plot of land grows them. In terms of the program Green Belt Irina plans to plant cedar trees around cities. Local residents, entrepreneurs and officials will contribute to that. Everyone will be able to plant his own cedar tree. In Irina’s family everybody has his tree, those trees are small yet but 30 years later will bear fruit. 

Irina hopes that Rich Nature will be able to put into practice another program dedicated to New Year. According to her, cedar trees in pots as gifts should become a new trend in culture. Those trees can replace fir trees. Moreover, after New Year they can be planted into earth. 

Rich Nature also conducts lessons on nature in parks. Irina Vorozheykina teaches children and grown-ups how to plant nuts. Many people do not know where to find pine nuts and how to eat them. Unfortunately, the knowledge of gathering as well as of carrying the seedlings also were almost lost in our generation. 

According to Irina, women are those who should remind the world of the beauty of our planet and the necessity to save it. 

“I would like every woman to feel her strength, femininity and tenderness and to give the others her warmth thus making this world pure and bright”, she said. 

Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov