Charity as a way of life

Charity as a way of life

At the round-table meeting, devoted to culture, sport and charity, which was held in Ufa in the framework of international forum «Women’s dialogue. Infinity charity», projects concerning gratuitous help to sick children were discussed.

«The keyword of our work is inspiration. One may call it “pity”, but, from my point of view, “pity” is a bad word – it robs energy. And we need much energy to fill our projects. That is why positive stories are so important. We want to help – and we do help», - started the discussion Faina Zakharova, the founder of the Life Line Fund to support seriously sick children.


Charity organization movement in Russia and all over the world is immense. According to the participants of the meeting, 10 years ago this sphere was extremely unpopular, and it was mainly stars who would be concerned about it. And nowadays there hardly is a town or even a village with no charity giving station. Almost all organizations, ranging from clothing manufacturers to television, are working on their own charity projects now.


In February 2015 Channel Five started an action called «Day of good deeds». After a while it grew into a weekly TV programme. Once a week journalists talk all day long, in all TV shows, about charity and suggest the audience sending some money to a short code. An average amount of a donation is about 70 rubles. That doesn’t seem serious money, but it helps to gather millions. At the moment the summary of charges is coming up to 2 billion rubles. Yulia Solovyova, the producer of the programme, says: «Our TV channel cooperates with major Russian funds, whose activities are aimed at the treatment of different childhood illnesses. While selecting partners, we paid much attention to funds’ reputation and diagnoses that they deal with. It is important for us to help severely ill children as well».


The stock symbol of the action «Day of good deeds» is Tsvetic-semitsvetik, a true symbol of a miracle that each of us can make.

There are a lot of ways to make a miracle. Lana Gorbunova, a Life Line Fund member, chose a gastronomic way to raise money for sick children: her team gives grand dinners all around Russia. For example, in Pskov they baked a honey cake of 208 kg, and in Rostov they cooked 370 litres of fish soup, and in Sochi prepared pilaf in just a day. «Eat a treat for a good deed» or «do great work with good taste» - defines her activities Lana Gorbunova. Actions of such kind are most effective: people would always eat, and as appetite comes they would feel glad to realize that they help children.


The second most popular way to raise donations is clothes. It was the campaign QOSH, named after a Bashkir bird, that proved to be the most efficient one. The organization announced a children’s drawing contest. The six best ones were printed on sweatshirts. «Charity has come into fashion», - says Regina Shtyagina, the curator of the project and a Marhamat charity fund member. All donations gathered were spent on wheelchairs for disabled tennis-players. This action attracted Elena Sotnikova, Elle Russia Editor, and she created a clothes collection with Bird Varya print.


Changes for the better start with spiritual awakening of every single person. Charity development marks another step in society development. Russian people still have little trust in charity organizations: people fear that their money wouldn’t achieve the point of destination and will be wasted on absolutely different things. However, the meeting has demonstrated that modern funds, engaged in financial aid, have solid grounds, and every year thereafter will see more and more bright children’s smiles.

Agata Korovina, news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Ksenia Chekalova