Charity unites countries

Charity unites countries

One of the most prominent members of the International Forum "Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity" was a member of the board of Women Entrepreneurs Association in Germany, Commissioner for Affairs with Russia, well-known public figure, Karin van Mourik: she won the hearts of all guests with her extraordinary sociability and friendliness, a sincere desire to help and to share helpful information, an optimistic attitude to life and perfect knowledge of the Russian language. Karin's sincere speech particularly impressed the participants at the plenary meeting, because the charity, which foreign energetic women are engaged in, is linked with the help for Russian children and the development of Russian culture. Thus, upon the initiative of Karin van Mourik cochlear implantation program was implemented in Russia, and more than 300 children suffering from deafness were able to hear after that. Also the entrepreneur founded the charitable foundation "Hear The World", which helps children with disabilities.


"Ever since I first came here to Bashkortostan with the cochlear implantation program, almost 10 years have passed. And now I see the yield of planted seeds. It delights my heart, because those seeds were cultivated with diligence and love. At the moment all operations receive federal funding; many firms are involved in the delivery of the necessary equipment at the market and in the development of the educational system for training of specialists. To express my gratitude to all my Russian and foreign colleagues I want to state that that humanitarian act has taken place, and it is on the rise,"- said Karin van Mourik at the opening of the International Forum. 

The businesswoman said that she's ready for a new brainchild, but at the plenary meeting she decided that it's necessary to pay attention to the special German project dedicated to the woman poet Marina Tsvetaeva and created by a woman professor of Slavic studies. Karin spoke with admiration about the charitable activities of her colleague. After getting support of the city administration, the university, funding of various organizations, she created in Freiburg the centre of Tsvetaeva - a platform for the cultural cooperation of Germany and Russia. According to Karin, due to such acts and events our world can live, remember the love and friendship, longing for art. The famous public person raised the question about the role of women in the world: "In general, the relationship – not only in politics – is the concept of life: the relationship cannot be foreseen, it is impossible to rely on its stability and positivity without hard work on it. We women understand it better than anyone else. The fair sex has always been the key to peace, recovery, consolidation in the family, and in politics and in society".


During the forum, the successful businesswoman gladly talked about her work, charity and the woman's issue with correspondents of the news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community.

An Opportunity to Hear the World

Ten years ago, Karin began to apply implementation of the product for cochlear implantation - implants that enable deaf children to hear. As Karin was a member of the community created at the Medical University, she decided that it was necessary not only to sell expensive equipment, but also to organize the rehabilitation of the children. That is why the fund was established, the goals of which were to:

  • disseminate information over Russia that there are new technologies that enable children to hear;

  • organize rehabilitation, train teachers, speech therapists, and hold meetings, which will bring children with implants, their teachers and parents in one place. 


"At our first gathering in Kabardino-Balkaria, with the help of the fund children and their parents of various families united. When I saw that fathers and mothers were exchanging views and experience with each other with great pleasure, and kids were incredibly happy to meet and communicate, I realized that that's how it should be, I had reached my goal, "- said Karin van Mourik.

However, she admitted that she had been very naive when she started working for charitable causes in Russia. Entrepreneurs had no assistants, and she had to learn it by herself, as Karin understood that charity was very important. But others didn't understand such aspirations and often asked to explain why she was doing all that.


"I've realized that I started my activity in advance, because people often said to me with irony: "You are our social activist, indeed". "Now I'm at this forum and I see with pleasure that over the past 10 years many things have changed: a large number of foundations have gained momentum, people now have the respect for charitable activities, they've realized the importance and necessity of this work. And I really like it as people are doing it now in a strategic and global way, because it is a very important part of life in any society "- Karin shared her opinion with us.

Anyone can do good

According to Karin's opinion, helping others or the desire to do good deeds gives a person a large and pleasant feeling of satisfaction, because he/she sees the results of his/her efforts. The participant of the forum believes that a good deed does not have to be ambitious - every person can give something good to another, since all we are capable of doing great things.


"If I see that someone needs help, and I have either knowledge or monetary capacities or the right contacts, or any spiritual resources, I try to provide this help. Everyone can do good things on the basis of their facilities, that is why I am working in different organizations ", - said Karin.

By the way, in the words of a successful businesswoman, the sphere of charity in Germany is well developed: "We have a well-organized social work in general, including charities - it is the backbone of our country. I think that every second person is a member of a fund which they invest their money in".


However, media coverage of the charity and the activities of women's organizations is one of the most difficult tasks of any fund in Germany. "To find access to the media and to reach an agreement with them to write about important events in the life of the organization demands major efforts," – said Karin.

Woman's issue in Germany

In Germany people pay much attention to woman's issues. For example, for several years they have been solving the problem of balancing the professional work of the fair sex and their household concerns. "I've been watching for 40 years that in other countries women build their careers and at the same time bring up their children. Unfortunately, we have a kindergarten open for fewer hours than a working day, so women with high potential and good education are working only for a few years, and after the birth of their first child they can no longer do their careers in the same way as before. This is a very important issue that needs a solution, "- explained Karin.


Unfortunately, in Germany there is another problem associated with the role of women in the economy. In the words of the entrepreneur, there are still too few women holding high positions. However, Women Entrepreneurs Association created a great program to attract "the weaker sex" to the work in the supervisory boards of large enterprises; also a bill has been passed which helps to solve this problem.

Woman's mission

"It's hard to single out any particular mission of all women. We are all very different: the purpose of one woman is to become a successful entrepreneur and activist, and the other, for example, my niece's mission is to be a mother and to raise children. I think there is something that unites all women; it is the desire to make every effort to keep the peace on earth, the desire to support and help each other. But it is not a so-called mission, yet a quality, which is planted in the hearts of all women".


By the way, from Karin's perspective, women deal with the money better than men: "When in 2008 the huge collapse of a new market began, concerned with the bankruptcy of a large enterprise Lehman Brothers, here at home they said that if it had been a company Lehman Sisters, then that would not have happened. So I think that women are more successful in the economic sphere".

Ekaterina Kudryavtseva, news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community

    Translated by Leonid Skryabin