Children About Mothers: with Infinite Love

Children About Mothers: with Infinite Love

On International Women’s Day 

The Global Talents website announced a series of contests dedicated to mothers in the run-up to International Women’s Day. Schoolchildren from all over Russia shared their feelings and emotions towards their closest person through different kinds of art. The competition jury shared joyfully about how children see their mothers. 

None is more valuable for a mother than love and care from her child. Keeping that in mind, the Global Talents team launched a set of contests about mothers. 

The competitions were designed so that any child could participate in them regardless of the kind of art they like most. Thus, website launched 6 intellectual contests: ‘Poem for Mother’, ‘Postcard for Mother’, ‘Letter to Mother’, ‘Interview with Mother’, ‘Video Congratulation for Mother’, and ‘Mother’s Portrait’. Examining the assignments, the jury yet again saw the deepness of children’s feelings towards their parents. 

The children managed to both express their love for their mothers and enhances their affection. For example, interviews helped them learn many interesting facts about their mothers. Their drawings are full of warmth and tenderness. The works reaffirmed the inescapable fact: every child considers their mother the most beautiful. When drawing the portraits, the children depicted the features that can only be seen by a very loving person. Through pictures, the schoolchildren managed to communicate their absolute love by showing that real feelings do not always require verbal expression. 

In letters to their mothers, the children opened their souls even more widely. They did not make some conventional congratulations, but expressed their real feelings. 

The experts noted the children could express love, speak about it, and choose the right words. 

The ability to love is one feature of Russian mentality. It becomes evident from the early years. The assignments stated it profoundly. 

On International Women’s Day, we congratulate all female users of our portal and share children’s best works about mothers. They are very different but both full of endless love. 


Yelizaveta Samotina (Murom, Vladimir Oblast): 

So, 8th of March. Is it the Day of Women or International Women’s Day or International Day of Women’s Rights? 

In the early 20th century, women in our country gained equal rights and suffrage. Over a century, that holiday became the day of male declarations of love. Women are now not seeking equal rights on that day. Each of them is expecting kind words and a bouquet of flowers. My mom is no exception here. On the eve of the holiday, I decided to ask her some questions. 

Mom, tell me, what flowers do you like most? What associations do you have with them? 

‘I like yellow chrysanthemums very much. When I look at those flowers I see a bright, warm, and inviting sun that provides heat.’ 

How do you feel about educating daughters? 

‘Raising children is a specific job. It is not enough to feed and clothe them. One has to work hard to raise their personalities. For a mother, any child is sweet, no matter the gender. However, a father must have a special talent to educate daughters.’ 

Do you like being a woman? Are you happy that God made you a woman? 


‘Remember: being a woman is not just continuing your line, but also giving warmth, cosiness, and affection and being a family’s sun that will always warm you up. I am glad God made me a woman. I give Polina and you a part of me every day while discovering the world of women.’ 

What do you value in men? 

‘First of all, that would be responsibility. Being young, you consider handsomeness the most important feature, but then you realise that it does not matter at all. A man should support his family and be able to feel when they need help, protection or just a kind word.’ 

What would you like to wish to all women in Russia? 


‘Stay feminine every day, not just on Women’s Day. I wish that men’s glances warmed them while their heartstrings sang only the good songs.’ 

Mom, thank you for your sincere answers. I join in your congratulations. 

Summarising our interview, I concluded that any woman is a diamond of many facets. 

Dmitry Fateyev (Khanty-Mansiysk): 

I wonder, why should I interview my mother if I knew everything about her. For the whole nine months we were one. I thought as she thought and acted as she did. It means, I know her as she knows herself. However, contest is contest. What if I have missed something? I prepared for the interview, took my notepad and pen, and wrote several questions beforehand. However, when we started conversation with my mom, I realised that I didn;t need the pad. Mom spoke so interestingly that I remembered not only her words but her intonation also. That is what my mother told. 

Dima: Do you remember your childhood? What was it like? 


Mom: I was a naughty and funny child. I was a leader of the boys‘ team. They always listened to me and did whatever I commanded. 

Dima: What toys did you like most? 

Mom: Hammer and nails were my favourite toys. The boys and I were always building something. We had a dream – to build a house with the fountain. Beside my house there was a dilapidated shop, from which we took lumber, stones, etc. we were building near the river. My parents called us beavers. Except, the beavers were bulding the dam, and we were building the house with the fountain. 

Dima: Whom did you dream to become in childhood? 


Mom: I wanted to be a teacher like my mother. 

Dima: Did you like reading? What book have you read more than once? 

Mom: My favourite book was Children Heroes. I have been dreaming for three years that somebody would present me it for my birthday. Once it happened. I was reading it under the covers with a flashlight at night. 

Dima: Did you fear something? 


Mom: No. I have never feared anybody. I was always sure that it were strangers who should fear me. I was afraid of but one thing: to get a bad grade and cause mother’s tears. 

Dima: What is happiness for you? 

Mom: My children are my happiness! 

After those words, I kissed my mom and went to sleep feeling fully appeased. While falling asleep, I was thinking how alike were my mother and I. I understood that mom was my best friend. 


The Global Talents team congratulates all mothers, women, and girls on International Women’s Day and wishes all women health, happiness, blue sky, and love! 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov