Children's Congratulations on International Women's Day

Children's Congratulations on International Women's Day

Many Russian women go in for a career and make it. However the main achievement of every woman irrespective of her success in career making is parenting. Having become mothers, women perform a real feat and turn into essence of love, tenderness and endurance. 

Mothers teach their children to be kind, wise, merciful, industrious and patriotic. They take care of their children and act as guardians of family traditions. Their work is impossible to overestimate, because it has extreme importance for every man and the whole country because thanks to mothers we have people of extraordinary genius and skill and dignified and patriotic citizens of Russia. 


All young users of Global Talents project realize how important mothers are. That is why they decided to impress them through congratulations on International Women's Day and taking part in the competition Greeting Card For Mother organized by the administration of Global Talents. All the competitions on the web-site are aimed at development of moral and spiritual values, creative abilities and professional identity. The participants were to prepare not just congratulations but original gifts made with their own hands. They also were to demonstrate their artistic and poetic abilities. 

The users of Global Talents taking part in the competition approached the matter responsibly and prepared works full of talent. They put their spirits in these works while creating poems, doing crafts and drawing pictures. 


All this proves that the participants had a sincere desire to see happy smiles on the faces of their dear mothers. But not only mothers enjoyed the results of the competition. The members of the jury were also deeply touched by the children's congratulations. The organizers were very impressed by the rich variety of works including photo stories, presentations, poker-painting, posters, modular origami and etc. 

Through taking part in the competition the students of schools also made a gift for the citizens of Russia who take pride in them and hope for the better future of the country full of such talented children. 


By the way, on the eve of International Women's Day another interesting competition Woman To Be The President Of Russia came to its finish line. These two competitions are interconnected as the woman president could have become a mother for the whole country. The participants of that competition recalled history highlighting the activities of Russian women leaders and listing the country’s achievements in their works. They discussed qualities necessary for such women and even shared their vision of the future in which they will be ready to rule Russia. 

In modern society women manage to perform everything. In some ways they are superior to men. A woman can certainly become the president of the Russian Federation because women have all the qualities needed to do it: they are wise, careful, strong and just. 


“I'm confident that women not only can, but should rule Russia. I believe Russia needs the experience of women administration. It would add fresh ideas, new perspectives and opportunities for the development of our country”, said Milana Khisamova, the winner of the competition Woman To Be The President Of Russia. 

The majority of the participants also believe that a woman is able to perform this mission, cope with any difficulties and lead the country to prosperity. 

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Yekaterina Kudryavtseva, news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov