What Is Common Between Business and Gymnastics?

What Is Common Between Business and Gymnastics?

About how Caroline Bouvier became an entrepreneur and how her sport background helps her in business 

Caroline Bouvier’s career was a professional path from a top-level gymnast to a stylist and designer. Ms. Bouvier entered gymnastics when she was 7 years old. This kind of sport became her passion. Later she was a gymnastics coach and an international judge at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics. 

Caroline Bouvier - stylist and designer, France 

When Caroline Bouvier had two daughters, she had to abandon heavy sport load and shift to another professional path. She started being seriously involved in fashion and designing of clothes and created an authorial clothing brand.

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Her new passion wasn’t spontaneous. In her youth already, she created her own gymnastics costumes. In addition, her father had and enterprise in Calais, the city, which is famous in fashion for lace production and fabric stores. Thus, in her childhood, Caroline grew up in the environment of beautifully made laces and figures on fabric. 

Passion and sincere interest are important for Caroline Bouvier in any job. Design turned out to be none the less important and serious field than gymnastics. Ms. Bouvier believes that her experience in sport helped her much in business. 

According to the speaker, sport is useful not only for health and for good shape. Sport helps people develop their strategic thinking, prepares them for competition with rivals, and develops self-confidence. Those are the qualities extremely necessary in business. 

Despite the fact that Caroline got used to competition since her childhood, she believes that entrepreneurs should be able not only to compete but to cooperate as well. Women in business have a common feature: as a rule, they aren’t working alone as opposed to men. They strive to contact with other women entrepreneurs, exchange experience and ideas, and support one another. 

Caroline Bouvier as a creative person wishes women around the world to always be brighter personalities, move forward, and use their imagination irrespective of profession they chose. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov