Communication is the basis of charity

Communication is the basis of charity

Charity is strongly connected with money. At the workshop called Technology Of Success, held at the venue of international women’s forum ‘Women's Dialogue. Infinity Charity’, Lana Gorbunova and Anastasya Lozhkina, co-workers of the charity Life Line Fund, were talking on how to find resources for their project of goodness.

The thing of major importance in creating relations with the organization is dialogue. Lana suggested the participants trying their efforts within “Elevator Pitch” framework, - a method of negotiations at short notice, no longer than a minute. The idea comes from a scenario of an accidental meeting with someone important in an accidental place, the elevator, for example, and one is to use this opportunity. To deliver the message in a few seconds, while you are lifted to your floor, you are to know well, what you want to say in particular, and how. Permanent training at the mirror, and an ardent heart would help you, claims the moderator of the workshop. 


“Forget of ‘asking alms’, charity is partnership, you don’t just take money, you cooperate. Your funder company should be a member of your family”, - Anastasya Lozhkina says. 

It is also very important to understand that each partner needs an individual approach. You should not use simple spam-like mailing, you are to spend time and create a project presentation for each company. 

“Don’t ask for money, make an offer”, - explains Lana Gorbunova. You will always be supported if your work’s social importance is understood. Start with a personal story, don’t be afraid of attaching personal importance and showing personal attitude, dry statistics don’t always help. Every dialogue gives positive results, if the parties find it easy to communicate and realize the value of charity. Get wise to company interests for you to speak the same language with your partner.


Constant self-development will be your major resource. Don’t close up at your knowledge, browse through different info sources, including foreign ones, your awareness on various issues will provide common ground. 

On meeting the agreement with the company to devote you funds, you should reckon upon a long-term cooperation, not a flat fare project. Think on every step of your action, keeping in mind the interests of your partner.  By these means, your activity will bring a higher profit, and the target audience will grow month to month. 

The conclusion of the workshop is that charity demands great emotional and personal contribution, but if you really want to help people, - never give up. When one door closes, another opens, walk on, and you will find it. 

Agatha Korovina, news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Kseniya Panteleyeva