Corporate Programmes for Health and Prosperity

Corporate Programmes for Health and Prosperity

‘Women and Healthy Living’ discussion took place within the Second EWF 

Irina Slutskaya, an outstanding athlete, many-time world and Europe champion, two-time Olympic medallist for figure skating, and member of Moscow Oblast Duma, moderated the open discussion titled ‘Women and Healthy Living’ within the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. The participants discussed ways to motivate employers and personnel for healthy lifestyle. 

Irina Slutskaya highlighted many world’s companies have already learned to benefit from health-based corporate culture both in financial and image ways. In Russia, there is a need for introducing such practices as well. 

People of working age make the country’s most important resource. Here, the role of women as mothers, wives, leaders, and employees is crucial. 

Women’s healthy lifestyle is a set of systematic measures. Those measures are aimed at keeping female body healthy and thus good-looking for as long as possible. 

Irina Slutskaya thinks: modern women, who are motivated for career advancement and success, often have no time and energy for engaging in their health and keeping fit. Thus, corporate practices of healthy lifestyle are the cure for those striving for keeping themselves in good form while working effectively. 

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The regional office of Business Russia all-Russian organisation became a partner of the open discussion. Dmitry Panov, Chairperson of the organisation’s office in St. Petersburg, highlighted the role of women in modern world is essential. He noted that women are more and more often taking senior positions in large corporations, own and successfully develop their enterprises. 

Thanks to healthy lifestyle, women always feel cheerful, vibrant, and self-assured. It often helps them successfully combine career and family and do it all. 

Arfenia Ter Minasova, Adviser to Deputy Governor of Saint Petersburg, also spoke on the important character of a healthy lifestyle for women of the city. She highlighted the statistics saying that both middle-aged and young people are at risk of developing diseases. Thus, it is essential to introduce the practices considering different ages and social statuses of employees. Those practices should be oriented at increasing physical activity, overcoming bad habits, healthy eating, etc. In St. Petersburg, such practices are being actively introduced. The organisations conduct screenings, health examinations, and corporate Olympics. 

Ivan Rybakov, specialist in corporate health, occupational health doctor, and Research Scientist of Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health, shared about main approaches to improving health of employees of all ages. He mentioned that when systematic, such activity makes personnel feel better, reduces incidence, and promotes teambuilding. Besides, it reduces the levels of absenteeism and presenteeism, and increases productivity. 

Companies should practice prophylaxis, improving health and prosperity of their employees. It is important to create full-scale corporate health and prosperity programmes for the whole companies or some of their divisions. 

It is essential to preserve skills and initiative of the participants of preventative projects for over 3-4 months in order to achieve positive results. Many people know about positive impact of physical activity on staff’s health and productivity. Various employers hold sports events, Yoga for the Office, and passing Ready for Labour and Defence tests. 

Marko Kantaneva, author of first Nordic Walking educational programmes and marketing material; developer of the first ever Nordic Walking poles in Exel company; author of 16 books on sports, healthy lifestyle and eating; and Master in Sport Science, spoke about introducing corporate health programmes in Finland. He shared about Nordic Walking and held a thematic workshop. 

Evgeniya Eckhardt, Healthcare Adviser for Unilever Russia; Ivan Lebedinskiy, Director of Strategic Development of Doctor of Medicine consulting centre; Lidiya Prokhorova, Head of St. Petersburg Interregional Information Business Centre; and Stanislav Yatsentyuk, Head of Healthcare Division of Gazprom Neft Razvitie, also shared their successful practices and plans. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov