It has always been important for women to transmit cultural values and love of the beautiful to the rising generation. They take their children to theatres, museums, galleries, and discuss with them literature and music. Some women realise large-scale projects to help young people understand art and acquire useful skills. 

For the sixth year in a row, the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies (IGUMO) hosts Days of Contemporary Art (DOCA) festival. Yelizaveta Zemlyanova, dean of the Faculty of Design at IGUMO, chief supervisor of DOCA, told more about the forthcoming event. 


Initially, the festival was a one-day exhibition of works by IGUMO students and professional artists. However, every year DOCA festival grows in scale. Today it is a large non-profit social project for young people interested in art. The festival lasts two days and includes performances, musical shows, flashmobs, and workshops in addition to the exhibition of art works. DOCA takes place at the premises of IGUMO. The institute turns into a unique creative space and a real gallery of contemporary art for two days. 

DOCA festival is free to visit, which makes it accessible to anyone interested in art. According to Yelizaveta Zemlyanova, the project is aimed at creating social binds. At the festival, its visitors, students, beginning artists, and professionals are able to communicate and discuss relevant issues, and share opinions. DOCA provides warm and friendly atmosphere where each participant is open to communication and new contacts. Often such discussions of like-minded people turn into new projects they implement jointly. 


The festival’s topic changes every year. It is important for Yelizaveta Zemlyanova that students themselves choose the topic. This year, DOCA festival has a topic ‘Timeline’. 

The event takes place at the premises of IGUMO on April 21-22. Most part of art objects presented there ‘live’ only two days and are dismounted after the exhibition. The topic is not that easy as you might think, the authors contributed deep meaning to all their works. 

IGUMO students have an important role of volunteers at DOCA festival. They become real guides to the world of contemporary art. They study art objects of the exhibition in advance and communicate with their authors to understand their ideas and explain correctly to the festival’s guests. “This is a great responsibility but at the same time unique experience. The volunteers engaged in DOCA improve their communication skills, which are useful in any profession”, said Yelizaveta Zemlyanova. The volunteers contribute to implementation of such an important and socially useful project, which helps bringing up their responsiveness, social responsibility, and non-indifference. 

Yelizaveta Zemlyanova is committed not only to teaching society to see and love the beautiful and to understand contemporary art. She also teaches young people to create beauty and share it with all those around. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov