Borodino-Hall in Moscow held an event called Businesswomen of Moscow. It attracted not only women entrepreneurs owning small and medium business, but also representatives from large companies. Our journalists managed to interview Yulia Eisenfeld, recruitment leader of the Decathlon company. In addition, she is responsible for the charitable activities of this organization in Russia. 

According to her, Decathlon is a French company focusing on the development, production and retail of sports goods for more than 70 sports. Shops of this company can be found in 30 countries of the world including Russia. 

“One of the main features of the company is that its goal is to make sports affordable for many people. And we try to achieve it. Our goods are of high quality and at the same time are sold for the most affordable price. Thanks to this, children who just choose their hobby to their liking, have the opportunity to try themselves in different sports. And then, if necessary, parents will be able to purchase for them more expensive professional equipment”, said Yulia Eisenfeld. 


The company is also very popular because it works according to the principles of corporate social responsibility. According to Yulia, Decathlon won first place in the competition Green Awards. One of their sports goods stores built in Domodedovo was recognized as the most environmentally friendly. Yulia also stressed that the company was paying particular attention to the choice of factories it works with. It is important that they provide workers with good working conditions, do not infringe workers' rights, do not harm the environment, etc. 

Decathlon also contributes to charity. Thus, in terms of one of its projects two sports grounds appeared on the territory of the orphanage in Uglich. One of them is located in the open air, the second is in an enclosed space. 

“When we first arrived in this city, we were very surprised. It did not have a single sports ground for children. Today in a renovated room there is a sports club, where under the guidance of a coach, children from all over the city can do sports”, commented Yulia. 

Decathlon volunteers regularly help the orphanage in Uglich. For example, having received the permission of the guardianship and trusteeship agencies, volunteers not only take children in their families during the holidays, but also introduce them to the peculiarities of working in a large sports goods store. 

In another project the organization helped restore the Hippotherapy Centre Live Thread on the basis of the Central Moscow Hippodrome helping children with Down syndrome through riding horses for medical purposes. After the renovation of the facility, new equipment was purchased and since February of last year, the center has started to function fully. 

Yulia Eisenfeld proudly told us about the projects that are already implemented. According to her, the company is now facing new tasks. 

“I would like to change the attitude of our society to people with disabilities, to show that they are talented, skillful and hardworking people. Unfortunately, now it often happens that it is hard for them to find a job. In terms of our next project, together with the fund Downside Up, we plan to take to our shop for part-time employment two people with Down syndrome. Over time, the project, of course, will grow large scale”, she said. 

It must be said that Yulia is a kind, active and purposeful person, who loves her work very much. After all, sports and charity always give a good mood. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov