Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship is a Recognized Global Trend

Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship is a Recognized Global Trend

On the 31st of May in Saint Petersburg there was the Interregional Forum «Entrepreneurship business of women: problems and solutions in Europe and Arabic countries» which took place within the framework of St. Petersburg’s International Economic Forum. The event happened due to the initiative of the UN’s Organization on Industrial Development (UNIDO) and Russian Committee on Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship «RUSSIAN’S PROPS».


For today, according to different statistics, the amount of ladies among entrepreneurs is measured in 27-37%. Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council Galina Karelova marked that Russia, like many other countries, considers women's entrepreneurship a colossal resource for progress of small and medium businesses, social technologies and also the reserve for creation of new workplaces.


Women of our country are famous for their high educational level and economic activity; they are 43% of directors in organizations. All of this shows great potential of women’s entrepreneurship. Creating of conditions for its development is one of the most important directions of National strategy of action in women’s interests which was approved by the Government of RF of and initiated by the Federation Council. “Our main efforts are now aimed at realization of a formula of successful start for women in business which includes access to information, education, finance and markets” – comments Galina Karelova. 

Speaker said that special informational resources are already available for women. Thus, the Federation Corporation on Development of Small and Medium Businesses created a business-navigator which shows free market niches in specific regions and cities, gives information about market’s volume and potential consumers and helps to make a business-plan. This geomarketing resource is free and available for everyone.


The web-portal «Eurasian Women's Community» is an informational communicational platform for women. Beginning and experienced women-entrepreneurs can always get useful and actual information in thematic section on our site. 

Galina Karelova reminded us that holding the Eurasian Women’s Forum also became one of the main initiatives of the Federation Council. The event resonated well and gave a serious impulse to support and development of women’s entrepreneurship. At the second Eurasian Women’s Forum, in which Vice-speaker of the Federation Council asked to participate all of those who were present, there will be a special discussion platform for this theme. 

For now, working group of the Eurasian Women’s Forum and All-Russian Public Organization «RUSSIA’S PROP» created a project of a program on development of women’s entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation. Beside specialized educational courses and other events for beginning businesswomen special credit programs for women-entrepreneurs started this year. 

According to Vice-Chairperson of the Federation Council, there are also measures which are provided by public policy on support of small and medium businesses that help to ease access to the market for women. «In Russia, in accordance with the Resolution of the Government state-owned companies should buy 10% of the products from small and medium-sized enterprises, from 2018 this share will increase to 15%. This order allows to support women’s business too» - said Galina Karelova. What’s more, under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation the Women’s Council appeared. It has also created a program on support of women’s entrepreneurship in light industry. Thus, within the framework of the program the initiative of giving women’s enterprises a part of a state order on school uniform appeared. 

We mentioned only a few examples of what is being done in our country for support of women’s entrepreneurship. «We will have much more work to do. In this case we consider today’s meeting very useful and important, and the experience of UNIDO – valuable. UNIDO is an organization which makes a lot of effort not only for industrial development but also for international cooperation, which includes the sphere of women’s entrepreneurship, - the speaker said about the Interregional Forum. – Format of such a conference, unconditionally, will give the opportunity to share opinions and experiences, create effective ways of solving difficult problems and find new points of interaction, including realization of joint projects». 

Viktoria Ezhova, news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Irina Nikishina