Dialogue that will help to improve the world

Dialogue that will help to improve the world

On the 11th of December in the capital of the United Arab Emirates city Abu Dhabi the XI Forum of women-speakers of parliaments started. The main topics discussed were global trends of shaping our world, including the increasing role of women in politics, business, science, culture and sport. That Forum’s place was chosen because it is in the UAE for the first time in Arab history a woman was elected to head the national Parliament.

The meeting was attended by 30 speakers and Vice-speakers of parliaments and inter-parliamentary associations. The Russian delegation at the Forum was headed by the Chairperson of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.


"We live in a world of complicated international relations, and today more than ever political inter-parliamentary dialogue is needed, the dialogue of women parliamentarians”, said Valentina Matvienko. “Together we must do everything possible in order to build a more just world. We have to find solutions in response to new challenges that have emerged before the humanity. And the main challenge is international terrorism". In her speech, the Chairperson of the Federation Council spoke about actions taken by Russia to resolve the conflict in Syria, providing humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people.

Besides, Valentina Matvienko highlighted several important issues: illegal migration, human trafficking, corruption, poverty, drug addiction, global climate change of the planet.


The speaker said that parliamentarians of different countries have the will to influence global processes. And the pooling of efforts will allow us to reverse the negative trends of our time. Valentina called for the improvement of the world through the use of mechanisms of "soft power". She is confident that the final transition to proceed smoothly, the dialog format of coexistence on the planet is only possible with mutual respect, without imposing on each other by any system of values and political models. In this important role in politics played by women. So, Valentina is confident that representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, have greater flexibility, tolerance, patience and the ability to not only listen but also hear. And these qualities are essential to politicians to solve global problems.


The Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council Galina Karelova also said that women play an important role in economic activities. She believes that modern women are willing to unite and contribute to the economic prosperity of future generations – their level of education, competence and flexibility of thinking allows them to participate actively in the development of both small and large businesses, science and technology.


Many women have great potential, energy and a positive attitude. In support of this Valentina Matvienko and Galina Karelova cited the example of the First Eurasian Women's Forum, which was held in St. Petersburg in 2015, it clearly demonstrated concerned position of women leaders, their willingness to take responsibility for the future of those countries which they represented. Valentina Matvienko has invited all present at the Forum women-speakers of parliaments to the next meeting in the cultural capital of Russia in 2018.


Chairman of the Federal national Council United Arab Emirates Amal al-Qubaisi is also sure in necessity of intercultural dialogue. By the way, relations between Russia and the UAE can be called neighborly, and cooperation is fruitful. There are 17 joint projects on the territory of our country. These projects are aimed at solving problems of different spheres. At the Forum, held in Abu Dhabi a Declaration will be adopted. It will be called Unity for the Sake of Building the Future, for a Better World.


It must be said that women politicians, regardless of which country they represent, share a common goal – the creation of world peace, harmony and stability, improving the quality of life. And, of course, to find solutions to all global problems, they will be able to share views and experiences, engaging in constructive dialogue. 

Victoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian women's community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin