On June 12-15, the SOCIAL INNOVATIONS #INFOCUS International Conference took place in the UN office in Geneva. It brought together participants from 26 countries who shared successful practices in the implementation of projects aimed at Sustainable Development Goals achievement. Diana Herrle Palau, board member of women++, specialist in marketing and communications, was among the event’s participants. In her interview, she shared about women++, a Swiss non-profit organization committed to increasing diversity in tech. 


According to the speaker, today men represent the majority of specialists in the technological field. They amount to 80% of all people in technology. As a rule, they earn more and make bigger progress in career. In addition, the number of women occupying leadership positions in tech is only 14%. women++ focuses on addressing these problems and promotes the idea of increasing diversity in technology. 

Today the organisation offers free courses and workshops, which help deepen knowledge and acquire basic skills necessary for making or starting career in technology. According to Diana, such activities are held for women but they are actually open for anyone. The organisation also provides courses where participants master and improve communication skills, learn how to write a successful CV, and skills useful when seeking employment. In addition, the organisation gives its participants an opportunity to exchange experience, expand business contacts, and cooperate.  


“women++ provides a networking opportunity with people who are already successful in the field. One can have feedback and learn how to continue their career, how to gain experience and grow. We work with organisations as well as with people. So, if someone is looking for someone we try to bring them together to create this networking possibility for both”, said Diana Herrle Palau. 

According to the speaker, all board members of the organisation are engaged in coding or mathematics. Diana Herrle Palau is a specialist in the field of marketing and communications, which is more common for women. It is important to mention that men also take part in women++. The speaker and other women++ team members believe that cooperation of both sexes allows achieving success in any field and in any business. 


Appealing to all women in the world, Diana Herrle Palau wishes them to find a community of people in which they feel comfortable and confident. She recommends them to pay more attention to their own education, to acquire knowledge and skills that will help them be more self-confident, and not to be afraid to fulfil their potential in the field they are interested in. 

In her speech at the SOCIAL INNOVATIONS #INFOCUS International Conference, Diana Herrle Palau stressed her organisation’s contribution to Sustainable Development Goals. women++ promotes such SDGs as provision of quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, sustainable industrialization, and introduction of innovations.


The conference was a source of inspiration for the speaker. She admired people who came to Switzerland to share their ideas and effective practices. They all put every effort to address global problems of actual relevance. The UN platform gave them an opportunity to not only share experience, but also find like-minded people and business partners. This is particularly important because one can achieve much more by means of collaboration. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov