Digital Education for Girls and Women

Digital Education for Girls and Women

Anna Nesterova Presents New Social Project at Eurasian Women’s Forum 

An open discussion ‘Women in E-Commerce’ was held as part of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. Anna Nesterova, Founder and Chairperson of Global Rus Trade Board of Directors, Head of the Russian section of the Digital Economy Working Group of the BRICS Business Council and Member of the General Council of Business Russia, talked about her new social project.

The need to create digital education programmes for girls and women of all ages emerged a long time ago: with the construction of the digital economy, access to electronic tools has become the basis for the active involvement of the population in economic processes. “For us as an IT company, it is a social responsibility of our business to launch a social project for the development of digital skills among girls who are just starting to think about the career path they would like to take,” Anna explained. The ‘Girls Solve’ project ( is a course compiled by practitioners and educators that takes from the best global practices in increasing digital literacy. The course includes lessons on how to create presentations and websites and how to conduct social media marketing (SMM). It will be launched in several regions across Russia this year. 

Anna noted that, first of all, entering the international market involves huge expenses for businesses. It is necessary here to talk about the new tools for cutting the costs of product promotion. 

The complexity of import and export processes present another barrier, as they involve issues of logistics, certification and customs clearance. Unfortunately, it is difficult for businesses to find the necessary experts in foreign economic activity. 

“We are constantly engaged in educational activities, talking to women about the possibilities of e-commerce, the tools that already access and success stories of other manufacturers. We always try to give practical advice on registering and distribution on various platforms and optimizing the costs of online promotion,” Anna Nesterova explained. 

Anna Repina, Eurasian Women’s Community News Agency