Diplomatic World: Global Horizontal Communication

Diplomatic World: Global Horizontal Communication

Barbara Dietrich – co-organiser of the Summer Peace Summit 

Cooperation between the Diplomatic World Magazine and the Eurasian Women’s Community started a bit less than one year ago. Several large-scale international projects on preservation and development of peace have already been carried out over this time. Heads of these two media, Marina Volynkina and Barbara Dietrich, managed to build a cultural bridge between Russia and Belgium. The next step in their collaboration was holding of the Summer Peace Summit in Brussels that established horizontal communication links among 14 countries of the world. Editor-in-Chief of the Diplomatic World Magazine shared her impressions of the past event.

Barbara Dietrich - Editor-in-Chief of the Diplomatic World Magazine, Art Supervisor of the Living Tomorrow Art Space 


The Diplomatic World Magazine is extremely popular in high-ranking circles. It is not just a medium but also a peculiar tool of preservation of peace. The edition publishes articles about latest diplomatic international and European trends. Special attention is paid to cultural diplomacy, diplomatic economy, business, art, and healthcare. The list of the magazine’s readers includes all Embassies located in Brussels, members of the European Parliament, the DGs of the European Commission, the European Council, Members of the Belgian Government, the Belgian Royal Family, and different Heads of State. 

The Diplomatic World has wide coverage and can claim the status of a key diplomatic-journalistic media unit with an authoritative opinion. 


Barbara Dietrich always communicates with top officials of Europe and the whole world in person when preparing articles for the magazine. She interviews ambassadors, ministers, European Comissioners, distinguished public figures, Prime Ministers, and Presidents of different countries. Ms. Dietrich talks with them about preservation and development of peace, the necessity to build global communication. 

The Diplomatic World carries out several international cultural projects focused on maintaining peace. 

During visits to different countries, Ms. Dietrich gives the Heads of State, First Ladies, Ambassadors, Ministers, and all her new friends the Peace Dove as a present. The doves are depicted on a thin layer of ancient mica. The author of this artwork is a Belgian-German artist Ulrike Bolenz. The Peace Doves became the symbol of peacekeeping activities, kindness, and friendship. By today, more than 130 people received such a meaningful present from Barbara Dietrich. 


The Summer Peace Summit marked by the establishment of a new community Peace 50 became another large-scale project implemented jointly with Editor-in-Chief of the Diplomatic World Magazine. 

Barbara Dietrich and Head of the Eurasian Women’s Community news agency Marina Volynkina first met at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum and at once managed to find common ground. They both have similar life principles and values and see their mission in contributing to preservation of peace on the planet and creation of a better future for the rising generations. They started fruitful cooperation, one of its results was the Summit in Brussels. 


According to Ms. Dietrich, the key goal of the Summer Peace Summit and P50 community lies in building horizontal communication among countries aimed at establishing long-time cooperation and warm friendly ties. 

“Today, it is important for us to hear one another, understand how we can help people around, and unite our efforts. The Summer Peace Summit in Brussels is the beginning of a long common path”, she believes. 


Peace 50 community brought together active and non-indifferent women from different countries who are able to improve the world and become positive role models and the source of inspiration for people around.

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Барбара_1_8.jpg Барбара_1_9.jpg Барбара_1_10.jpg Барбара_1_11.jpg Барбара_1_12.jpg Барбара_1_13.jpg

Barbara Dietrich believes that global peace starts with small steps: harmony in the soul of every person and good intentions in his or her mind. Only by joining their efforts people will be able to bring more use and make sure that their voices are heard. 

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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov