Do Women Entrepreneurs Need Mentors?

Do Women Entrepreneurs Need Mentors?

NAFI Research Centre analysed survey results 

Researchers studied female entrepreneurs’ demand of mentorship within the fifth stage of estimating Women Business Index (WBI). In Russia, business situation analysis and the assessment of business and social spheres as favourable for the development of women’s entrepreneurship are regularly conducted at the initiative of OPORA Russia’s Committee for Women’s Entrepreneurship Development and Uralsib Bank supported by Agency for Strategic Initiatives. NAFI Research Centre is performing the survey. 

Russia has a strong demand for mentorship, especially within women’s entrepreneurship. 

Nearly 80% of women respondents would like to have a mentor to learn how to do business from a professional. 


Female entrepreneurs-to-be also need mentors. However, the demand is lower among them. According to the poll, 64% of future businesswomen are ready to learn from experienced entrepreneurs. 

As their mentors, female entrepreneurs see those women, who achieved much in business, heads of large companies and international businesspeople. 

The respondents often mentioned the names of Natalya Kasperskaya, Irina Khakamada, Roman Abramovich, Herman Gref, Oleg Tinkov, Henry Ford, and Elon Musk. 

Over 80% of women entrepreneurs take their interest in business practices, success stories, and topics of legislation and taxes. Many of them would like to know more about competition, marketing, attracting investments, loans, and government support. Those women, who are not doing business, are also interested in the experience of successful entrepreneurs. They also highlighted the topics of starting business and features of entrepreneurship in certain regions. 

Translated by Nikolay Boykov