DOCA 2019 International Cultural Dialogue

DOCA 2019 International Cultural Dialogue

For the jubilee of Kazimir Malevich 

Women from different countries have the same desire for global peace. Many of them become the authors of initiatives aimed at maintaining the harmony and prevention of conflicts. The international festival of modern art named DOCA and supervised by Yelizaveta Zemlyanova belongs to the same kind of projects. This year, Barbara Dietrich, Editor-in-Chief of the Belgium magazine Diplomatic World and supervisor of the Living Tomorrow creative space (Belgium), will be the partner of the event. 

DOCA brings together creative and talented people from all over the world who are ready to create and share their love towards art with people around them. On April 20-21, the festival will take place for the seventh time. Emotions are the topic of the festival studied by the participants. DOCA 2019 special project is dedicated to Kazimir Malevich’s art in connection with the 140th anniversary of the painter. 


‘DEEPER BLACK THAN SQUARE’ project will unite works of modern authors who interpret ideas and inventions of Kazimir Malevich by means of any genres: pictorial art, graphics, sculpture, performance, photography, video art, etc. 

DOCA 2019 will become a platform for international cultural dialogue. 

Many famous artists from different countries have been invited to participate in the festival. The Belgian scientist and artist Frederik De Wilde is one of them. He created ‘Blackest Black’ based on nanoparticles. His invention is so black it transforms 3D images into 2D planes and can absorb all the light without reflecting it.

3.jpg  4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
3.jpg  4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

Celebration of Kazimir Malevich’s jubilee will start within the preparations to DOCA 2019 in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre on February 22. 

An art project of the Italian artist Concetta Spitaleri will be presented during the event. She created an adaptation of the legendary Black Square made of live roses and real diamond dust. The participants of the meeting will also see The Infinity by Ulrike Bolenz (Belgium-German) and a sample of the Blackest Black by Frederik De Wilde (Belgium).

The expert speakers will tell about the activity of Kazimir Malevich, his contribution to art’s development, and influence of his ideas on the future of the whole world. Science-art, which is the field of contemporary art at the intersection of science, art, and technology, will be in focus of the event. Russian designers confectioners will bake a cake, which will be the replica of Black Square specially for the upcoming meeting. All that is just the beginning of celebrating the jubilee of the genius artist. 

“DEEPER BLACK THAN SQUARE PROJECT will link past and future, Europe and Russia, and science and art. It will give an opportunity to unite people of different generations, nationalities, and confessions who have common human values. Science and art are two universal languages requiring no translation”, mentioned Yelizaveta Zemlyanova. 


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Translated by Nikolay Boykov