EAWF Reflects Russia's Desire to Preserve Peace

EAWF Reflects Russia's Desire to Preserve Peace

Konstantin Kosachev: the EAWF 2018 agenda concerns all of mankind 

The Federation Council initiative to hold the Eurasian Women's Forums in Russia on a regular basis, after the last three years, “can definitely be considered successful and relevant,” Konstantin Kosachev, Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs.

If we evaluate the experience of the 1st EAWF (St. Petersburg, 2015) and the qualitatively new level of organization of the 2nd Forum, we will clearly see that that the idea of ‘competition of rights and opportunities’ is left behind. Today we are talking about the generalization and discussion of the best world practices in the social sphere, economics, science and technology, culture, ecology, sports on professional platforms – both in the period between the Forums in Russia and abroad, where they take up the Russian initiative as the new leader of the international integration mechanism, and during the forthcoming EAWF 2018. 

“It is very important that the Forum is not restricted by geographical frames, because ‘Eurasianism’ is a rather clear concept and phenomenon in the modern world.” 

“Honorary delegations from more than 100 countries will come to St. Petersburg. They are headed by women leaders who occupy top positions in various spheres of social and political life of their countries. This broad representation, their professional experiences, in my opinion, will be indicative for the EAWF work observers and for millions of women in the world who are thinking about the possibilities of realizing their own potential,” the senator emphasized. 

How ‘female’ will the agenda of the 2nd EAWF be? Speaking about this, Konstantin Kosachev noted that the special nature and format of the Forum suggests addressing the topic of the status of women in the modern world from different angles, but men will participate equally. By the way, Kosachev headed the editorial board and read out the final document from the stage of the Tavricheskiy Palace during the 1st EAWF, and this, as he said, did not cause any negative feedback. Because the topic of granting women at least equal, and in some way, perhaps, preferential rights in their development and self-realization concerns all of humanity. “If we cannot succeed here, then we will all lose, regardless of gender, nationality or profession,” the senator said.

Kosachev is confident that women bring “the wisest in everyday and philosophical terms” approach to discussion of pressing issues. Due to their original purpose for procreation, bringing up children, household duties, they often have to be stronger than men, see the prospects and consequences of decisions more clearly, take on more responsibility. If men have ‘room for manoeuvre’, for experimenting on themselves and others, women have no such option, because the price they pay for mistakes is immeasurably higher. 

“I do not like the practice of a number of European countries that have raised the flag of a new liberal ideology, aimed at ignoring, blurring the differences between genders, prohibiting the use of the words ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ when talking to children. In my opinion, this is a dangerous tendency, because if we pretend that differences (anatomical, psychological, social) between a man and a woman do not exist, this does not solve the problem of gender inequality,” the Chair of the Committee of the Federation Council said. 

In Russia attention to the ‘female’ agenda has shifted from declarations to pragmatic daily work. In the spring of 2017, the country adopted the first National Strategy for Women – an unprecedented document, which was published largely thanks to the efforts of the Federation Council. “The statistics is gradually becoming positive, year to year we see that the number of women choosing an active path, becoming self-sufficient, celebrated members of society, is increasing. We are only at the beginning of the journey, but the path is undoubtedly correct,” the politician said. 

Konstantin Kosachev called it symbolic that the EAWF 2018 dates fall on the International Day of Peace, which is 21 September, by the decision of the UN General Assembly. This is a good reason to “once again point out that we reject any attempts to portray Russia as an aggressive, militarized country where the so-called ‘siloviki’ rule everything, that poses a threat to the global peace.” In relation to this, the platform of the 2nd EAWF will provide a unique opportunity to show the guests from the five continents the peacefulness of Russia, its desire to resolve international disagreements by political rather than military means. 

Tina Stankevich, Eurasian Women's Community News Agency