Health of a person highly depends on products he or she eats. The topic of healthy nutrition comes to be more and more up-to-date. Due to this fact, there is a lot of attention paid to the development of quality of animal products. Nadezhda Bogolubova, leading scientist, head of department of physiology and biochemistry of love-stock animals RDE of stock-raising named after L. Ernst, told us about it. 

“We research physiological-biochemical processes that occur in animals’ organisms while eating, - Nadezhda tells. – We watch which factors influence digestion, metabolism of animals and so on. Our main task is to balance and optimize ration of animals.” Breeding plays a key role in a course of all important processes, and thus has an influence on ecological value of animal products.


Our interlocutress told that studied animals comprise both ruminants – sheep, and monogastric – pigs. “For example, we study issues of feeding of young cattle. Breeding of young cattle is very a very important and responsible stage for getting healthy breed. If you optimize animals’ ration and don’t give them any antibiotic drugs, you will have heavy milk herd and high-quality animal products.” Moreover, there is a bio-chemical analyzer in the lab. It is capable of learning several examples of blood serum of animals at the same time. It will also show influence of different foods on blood. Study cycle lasts for a year usually. During this time the scientists become attached to their animals, so animals live in good conditions – they are surrounded by the atmosphere of love and warm.


“Data gained during the research can be used in planning balanced ration of animals. It will greatly influence the quality of production. – The head of department explains. – If we can use this data on global level, all citizens of our country would get access to healthy and tasty food.” There is an interesting regularity: healthy nutrition of people depends on healthy nutrition of animals. 

Science is a part and parcel of Nadezhda’s life. She grew up in the family of scientists, graduated from Samara Agricultural Academy and works in RDE for more than 16 years. The family is the most important thing in her life now. She says that the greatest happiness is to spend your time at home and at work with equal joy. And she is a truly happy person from this point.


Nadezhda is sure that one should always go forward and never give up: “You always should set concrete tasks and complete them. So, step by step, you can achieve huge success. For example, our small research allows us to get data that can be used in future big research. It will help create a system of better animals’ feeding in future and that will lead to a healthier way of life of people. Thus, by completing small tasks we are closing to completing bigger ones.” 

                          Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin