Elena Kozlova: “Development of the Region Is in Our Hands”

Elena Kozlova: “Development of the Region Is in Our Hands”

On time management, working with youth, and development of entrepreneurship

How to find your own place in life and fulfil your potential? Elena Kozlova knows the answer. She is a person inspiring people around with her energy, purposefulness, and unlimited desire to contribute to development of the region. She is successful in business, is socially active, and works a lot with young people. Elena not only helps the rising generation acquire necessary professional skills for career of their dream but also teaches to use time, which is the most valuable resource, properly.

Elena Kozlova - entrepreneur, member of the Public Council to the Legislative Assembly of Kemerovo Oblast, staff office member of the All-Russia People's Front of Kemerovo Oblast

Ms. Kozlova was a board member of ‘Podorozhnik’ regional fast food network, one of the largest companies in Siberia. The organisation was socially active and took part in developing the region. It paid special attention to working with young specialists.


One of the organisation’s projects related to forming a personnel reserve. Young employees underwent special three-year’s education within Podorozhnik. They acquired concrete skills and competencies necessary for a certain position and then made career in the company.

Elena Kozlova believes that, today, it is necessary to develop such projects and teach young people to make exact plans of their lives and pursue their goals.

Later, Ms. Kozlova was invited to take part in fulfilling a large-scale project called ‘Staff Reserve, the Country’s Professional Team’ as a member of the United Russia political party. She became a representative from her region and worked in this direction with sincere interest for over three years. She liked to communicate with people who strive to professional growth and personal development, recognise their responsibility before the country, and wish to realise their potential for the benefit of the society.


Today, Elena Kozlova teaches time management at the Kemerovo State University. She teaches the students to value their time and use it properly. It is important person that a young person thinks about his or her own future and understands what and when to do to achieve the goals set. Ms. Kozlova helps students formulate their life mission and identify tasks they need to perform at a certain life period. They jointly create special roadmaps that help young people move in the right direction.

“Time is an irreplaceable resource. One must be able to use it properly. After spending money, we can always earn more. However, it is impossible to turn time back. That is why one mustn’t waste it”, believes Elena Kozlova.

Time management is a skill necessary for any person. It especially concerns executives because their tasks include allocation of tasks to their employees. Ms. Kozlova came to such a conclusion during her internship in Germany. Germany’s economy is developing more effectively than in other countries. It is closely relates to the fact that Germans know the value of time.


Elena Kozlova is socially active and is a role model to her students. She is a bright example of a person who found her place in life and fully realises her potential.

Several years ago, she was a deputy at the regional Legislative Assembly, a Chairperson of Committee on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Property Relations, and leader of the Young Guard organisation. Today, Elena Kozlova continues her entrepreneurial activities and is a member of the Public Council to the Legislative Assembly of the region and a staff office member of All-Russia People's Front of Kemerovo Oblast.

Development of region’s commodity sector depends much on condition for realisation of people’s potential.

Elena has an economic education. That is why she, as a politician and public figure puts every effort into improving the legislation related to entrepreneurship. She believes that development of business structure in the region will solve many problems. Thus, people will receive more comfortable life conditions, a wider range of goods and service. Entrepreneurs will have more opportunities for fulfilment of their potential. In addition, business projects aimed at resolving social problems will be successfully developed as well.

Thanks to all that, it will be possible to make a new step towards sustainable economic and industrial development of the region.

“Women are often those who significantly contribute to development of a separate region. It is important for them, as mothers and keepers of the family hearth, to ensure that their families live in comfort and that children have a happy and calm future”, noted Elena Kozlova.

Kemerovo Oblast has a well-developed social movement. The region changed for the better over the recent years. All that is an achievement of many concerned citizens of region such as Elena Kozlova. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov