Elena Latysheva is one of the most famous Russian businesswomen. She is a president of group of health companies Expert, co-founder of group of companies TRIO. 

Elena says she is an optimistic extrovert. She knows for sure that she always can solve any problem. Elena believes in power of love and kindness. These qualities helped her reach success in entrepreneurship. She said that her whole life is a big love story. 


First Love Story 

Elena has a twin sister, Eugenia Uvarkina. It is Elena’s first love story that began in mother’s womb. “We are very close. It seems that we are the parts of each other. My sister is only 15 minutes older than I am but it determined that I yield to her in many things. For example, she twice took the stage before the president of our country and has 6 children while I have only four”, smiles Elena. By the way, it was Eugenia who advised Elena to start her own business. They have been successful businesswomen for 20 years already. The sisters founded and developed two biggest companies connected with two different branches of entrepreneurship. 


Second Love Story 

The sisters came into business in 1997. They chose the agriculture sphere then. They opened a small enterprise that dealt with sugar trading. Only 10 people worked for them at the time. Today TRIO is the biggest agroholding of the Black Earth Region that having 2000 employees in the staff. 

Dairy farms, potato fields, and sugar plants of the TRIO are situated in six regions of Lipetsk Oblast. All these enterprises are modernised and take leading positions in quality and productivity. 

It is important that money is not the main target for the sisters. They strive to make people’s life better. The salary on TRIO’s enterprises is 30% higher than the Russian average one. Moreover, the company runs an active charity. The organisation detaches additional 3% of taxes. These facilities are spent on development of the Black Earth Region. 


Third Love Story 

Another direction of sisters’ business is connected with medicine. They started the project after meeting doctor Andrey Korobov. In 2007, the sisters, Andrey Korobov, and his wife started building a network of diagnostic centres under one brand MRT Expert. 

Nowadays Expert is the biggest federal medical network that includes 37 diagnostic centres and 10 multidisciplinary medical clinics. Besides, a new special engineering department was founded in 2009. It allowed to internally provide the full technical support and service of medical equipment. 

The group of companies Expert also has its own corporate university. The specialists that work on network of clinics study and retrain there. Elena highlighted that the programmes of the institute were included into continuous system of medical education in 2015. 200 doctors majoring in the sphere of MRT and CT scans and 10 thousand clinicians graduated from the university during its period of activity. 

Such attention to the education of its employees allowed Expert to become a leader in the healthcare services market. Elena said that the company strives to enter top 5 Russian private medical companies. 


Love for People 

Elena proudly says that all employees of TRIO appreciate values of kindness and grace. It was they who suggested holding the first charity marathon We Do Good Together. Elena and Eugenia supported that idea. 

The project’s main target was to unite as many companies in Lipetsk Oblast as possible and create a New Year’s tradition: to make people happy. This idea attracted many organisations. Since then the TRIO has been holding charity marathons for six years. This year they collected 6.5 billion RUB and help 41 children. 


Love to what you do and other qualities of successful entrepreneurs 

Elena is sure that secret of success is to love your deeds and surrounding people. However, she mentioned some more components needed to develop the business. 

It is important that employees share company’s values. Team is the core of the whole organisation. That is why employees should love not only their profession but also the place where they work. Elena is ready to hire people who don’t have enough experience but who are ready to develop. 

It is important to pay attention to corporate culture for employees to feel themselves comfortable. According to Elena, the culture must be based on values and principles of the leader. Besides, it must be aimed at development and team building. 

Constant competence development is another one component of success. Elena is sure: it is important to invest in staff education and modernisation for company to grow and develop. In this case, the leader must begin from his or herself. You can’t make people learn something but you can inspire them by example of yourself. 


According to Elena, the entrepreneur must be always ready to face any challenge. As an example, she remembered the story from her life. Her sister and she had once to repair and launch a sugar plant in 5 months. They faced such a situation for the first time and didn’t know what to do. Many people doubted that two fragile women could overcome such difficulties. On the contrary, the sisters wanted to face that challenge and prove that they reached the required level in the profession. Of course, they succeeded. 

Elena thinks that you must set global goals to achieve success. When she was just starting her career, she heard about Sugar Dinner hosted by the royal family in London. People can be invited there only if they are world sugar traders. Elena decided then that she would certainly visit that event and her desire came true. 

Love for the Family 

The family is important for Elena. She has 4 daughters; the youngest is only 4 months old. People often ask Elena how she manages to combine family and career. Despite her tight schedule, she always finds time to spend with her family. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Anna Tevelman, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin