MTS is a major telecommunication operator in Russia. It provides service for more than 100 million subscribers. Nowadays the company is a leader in the sphere of sustainable development. Its main task is to improve people’s quality of life and security. Elena Seregina, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Department of MTS, said a few words about volunteer movement created on the basis of the company. 

MTS realises many huge socially important projects aimed at development of social, economic, and ecological spheres. Elena elaborated on the company’s educational programmes mostly participated by the volunteers. Our interlocutress mentioned that the organisation unites about 70 thousand employees. 6.5 thousand of them (almost 9 %) take part in voluntary activities. There is a volunteer movement on the basis of the company. Its participants help realise social programmes. 


Children on the Internet is an educational project of MTS. Programme of lessons and practical recommendations for teachers related to the topic of security in the World Web were designed with the help of psychologists from the Moscow State University and Internet Development Fund. The volunteers provide special courses within the framework of the project. They tell about risks on the Internet, teach adults to present information for children correctly, and explain how to avoid unpleasant situations. Of course, the operators have technological means preventing the risks on the Internet. For example, Parental Control service allows preventing children from frauds, bad information, and harmful websites. 

Elena is sure that any information must be presented in a simple, interesting, and available way. The MTS company launched Mobile Fairy Tale Theatre. The plays describe adventures of the characters and touch upon serious issues including security on the Internet. The characters speak with children in plain language and become their friends and mentors. The company’s employees are the theatre performers. There are 11 plays in repertoire. The theatre received recognition at many all-Russian competitions and international festivals. More than 40 thousand children have already visited those plays. 


According to Elena, realisation of the educational projects is one of the most important missions of the volunteers. As a telecom operator, MTS has mechanisms, applications, and services that allow making education more available. 

Our interlocutress is sure that women as mothers are sensitive for surrounding people. Many men work in the MTS company. They also sincerely help people around and participate in realisation of the projects. Elena is sure that any activity that unites men and women is very successful. 

Topic of voluntarism and role of women in realisation of the social projects will be one of the most important on the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. There will be an open discussion Women-Volunteers: Partnership for the Development 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin