On search for yourself and unleashing one’s potential 

Each person measures success and happiness differently. However, both notions are closely connected to self-fulfilment. Elizaveta Babanova, a successful entrepreneur, psychologist, the founder of project about business and self-development, told us more on the matter. She has been helping women unleash their potential for 5 years already. 

6 Control Points of Women’s Self-Development 

Elizaveta made great strides in the USA. She built her career in a multi-billion dollar investment fund. However, after turning 27 Ms. Babanova understood happiness is not about money. At the time, she decided to change her life entirely and created her spherical development system for women. Since then, over 55 thousand women have completed the programmes of the system. 

“My system is based on 6 control points of women’s self-development. They are personality, profession, spirituality, relations, community, and body. We start with enhancing those points. Whenever a woman feels balanced and strong, she is ready to step outside her comfort zone and reach any heights”. 

Elizaveta is sure that 6 control points are closely related to one another: “Lacking proper personal development, a woman may struggle to build happy relations. If you are successful both professionally and financially but you have health issues, your life will not bring you joy. Even if you succeeded in everything, without reason for living, you would not feel totally happy about your life”. Ms. Babanova highlighted perfect harmony of all control points is impossible. Any woman should keep their balance on a daily basis. 

The system aims at helping women only, as men look at things differently; they use different kind of energy. Whenever a woman tries to pursue a male success pattern, she often faces burnout. That means she has no strength to keep going. 

Only 5% Strive for Self-Discovery 

System-vector psychology says any person has 8 development vectors. The vector of spiritual search and self-discovery is called the audial one. Only 5% of people possess it. That means the majority feels happy while having no health issues, possessing a good job, steady paycheque, and comfortable relations. The role of other 5% is to motivate others, help them actualise their potential, and set an example. Elizaveta Babanova advises to always interact with presumably stronger and smarter people, as one has to learn from the best. 

According to Elizaveta, a person striving for self-development has to follow the sense of morality, which means making their life spiritual. For example, spirituality in relations and work involves one being ready for giving more than receiving. 

All one’s actions should be meaningful, full of love, care or positive commitment. It will fill one’s life spiritually. 

Finding Oneself Is a Priority 

Personal worldview and strive for self-actualisation deliver from early childhood. Parents play a key role in the process. It is up to them to notice and develop their children’s talents timely, broaden their horizons, and acquaint them with professional choice. It is essential to bear in mind that adults act as an example for their kids. That is the reason Ms. Babanova assists women’s development. 

“Whenever a woman is developing, her husband and her child develop either. If a woman does not make everyone around do everything she wants and just begins developing, the world around her changes inevitably”. 

Certainly, it is not all about parents. Elizaveta’s opinion is any person starts considering their purpose at the age of 17-19. At that age, one has to answer 3 primary questions: 

1. The question of teacher: who is going to be your mentor?

2. The question of partner: who is going to be your lifetime partner?

3. The question of work: what work would you like to do? 

Elizaveta’s dream is to design and actualise a nationwide university programme to help young people self-discover. 

Proper Community Or: Master Mind 

Ms. Babanova believes such events as the Eurasian Women’s Forum let one form a proper community, which is the essential component of self-actualisation. Our interviewee suggests searching for like minds, help and support them while getting the same back. 

It is important for people to always seek for unity. Leaders who act together and not compete will achieve even greater success. 

Elizaveta Babanova cited Master Mind system. It involves creating groups of 5 women each. Any woman should represent her own sphere of activity. Women tell one other about their progress, problems, and try to find solutions together. They do not only support and inspire each other, but also come up with completely new ideas that way. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov